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Emerald Cut Sapphire Engagement Rings
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The splendid gemstone is not only meant for the people born in September anymore, but they had indeed become as trendy as luxurious diamond rings to be preferred as that perfect engagement ring. The beautiful combo of blue and white can be traced very well by mixing diamonds with stunning blue sapphires. It had been known for its vintage appeal that is created.

Before conferring to the fusion with diamonds, let’s know more about what the magnificent gemstone of sapphire is all about. Being, one of the ‘big four stones’ it has known to man since ages. They are much durable like its other three counterparts of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies with a score of 9 in Mohs scale of hardness. In the history of gemstones, sapphires are deemed of representing heaven. Kings used to adorn them in ecclesiastical rings symbolizing royalty and wealth, hoping to get protection from any harm.

So get ready to create that style statement with the amalgamation of two precious stone in your engagement rings to stand out from the quintessential crowd.

Halo Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings

Gifting that special Engagement ring to your beloved under an affordable price is a happy note for all those spirited men around. The expense that results in all the while when opting for an entire halo arrangement is still a costly affair. Then the concept of placing this much beautiful sapphire inside the halo will definitely be a wise choice. In the arrangement, the central blue gem will also look more grandeur.

Three stoned Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings

Three stones comprising of Sapphires and diamonds will look stunning as of any engagement rings. Round cut blue gemstones are sided by white diamonds in this eternal piece, which enhances with enormous sparkle and bright color. The perfect sync of the three stones arranged is definite to bring about that real vintage classic glory.

Floral White Gold Fusion Engagement Rings

Inspired from the rings of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana, the floral-like arrangement with the use of prominent prongs are those standout rings, still deemed quite royal. The pattern sparks breathtakingly from all the sides from where light towards it is reflected. The floral design adorns that vintage appeal also.

Three stoned Emerald cut sapphire Engagement Rings

The design had been carved out targeting the ardent fans of classic three stone rings. Choosing emerald cut sapphires as the center stone, sides by the same emerald cut diamond for the three stoned rings is a stunning wild choice. The precious stones are to be set in striking white gold, giving altogether a vintage trace.

Yellow Gold Bypass Fusion Engagement Rings

Molding out the statement rings with Yellow Gold is comparatively ancient, but revived later in the arena of engagement rings. Nevertheless, since its inception, the golden hues are being experimented with various gemstones. The contrasting yellow gold metal itself make it turn heads. Here in this pattern, the round cut sapphire stone is set in the bypass pattern surrounded by sparkly white diamonds forming a terrific distinct pattern.

18K White Gold Fusion Engagement Rings

The exquisitely shining rings in the formations are really rare, that not many afford to adorn the whole of 18K on their fingers. An oval cut sapphire stone is surrounded by 26 single cut brilliant diamonds positioned in shining white gold ring, resulting in a star like an appearance for the ring. The majestic design can make the pattern stand out from the traditional ring types.

Vintage Fusion Engagement Rings

This is another awesome example, which depicts the colorful sync of blue, white and golden hues. The prestige old mine cut diamonds numbering six are set on either side of a central emerald cut sapphire which is captured in a Yellow Gold band. Both romance and glamour are radiated in a rather subtle ring, which has the potential of making it bolder.

Oval White Gold Fusion Engagement Ring

The prong that holds the oval cut sapphire stone is individually on its venture of making them unique and with numerous sparkling white round diamonds, it becomes a clean classic. Descending triangles are set on either side of the center stone with the diamonds that enhance the blue gemstone to look deeper in color and much larger.

Simple Fusion Engagement Ring

As the name of this specific ring is concerned, they are meant to satisfy the lot who are all in for simplicity and harmony. They still manage to retain the uniqueness, unlike a standard diamond ring. An essence of sophistication is obtained with two full cut white diamonds set on both sides of the oval cut sapphire stone.