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Emerald Cut
Emerald Cut Diamonds Features

Even if there are varied factors to look at before buying diamonds of your own, the standard concept of the 4Cs namely clarity, carat size, cut and color still remain as the most ideal one. Same is the case with the assessing of the colored diamonds. A better or worse cut determines the real beauty of the diamond. Here are some conditions that say which is the most ideal emerald cut diamond.

More Shine But With Lesser Brilliance

When comparing with the most brilliant round cut diamonds, the emerald counterparts are going to deliver a clean shimmer. This is due to the several facets positioned in and around the round shape of the former. The larger top of the emerald cut diamond is shaped to provide more shine.

An appropriate stone had to be chosen for cutting an emerald shape. They have to be of good color grade and better clarity, so as to result in a top-notch polished look. Emerald cut diamonds will have a mirror-like finish, which gives excellent shine. However, the resulting stone will not be as brilliant as the other stereotypical cuts. Therefore, when buying the emerald cut diamond, you must not only emphasize on its brilliance but its shine.

Step Cut Of the Diamond

Diamonds of Emerald cut are shaped by adopting the step cut method. As the name of the cut suggests, such diamonds will have step-like facets. The brilliant-cut opted for the round diamonds are in stark contrast to the step cut. The facets of this cut will be smallest at the center and turn larger when moving towards the outward portions. Emerald cuts tend to look way much larger than its actual carat weight as they possess larger tables. They are not much capable of hiding poor color and flaws. Anyhow, the emerald cut diamond rings can make the finger to appear longer.

Most Ideal Emerald Cut

A perfect emerald cut diamond can be differentiated from others by a set of specific guidelines. GIA provides certain grades for polish and symmetry, rather than merely giving grades for emerald cut diamonds. A desirable cut will have 61% to 69% table size, thin girdle, a length/width ratio of 1.40 to 1.50, a very small culet and depth of 61% to 67%. Nonetheless, the final appearance of the stone will be influenced by the attributes of the stone, as they are very different from one another. The most beautiful emerald cut diamonds will be of VS2 grade or higher and with a color range of D-F and G-I.