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We all know that love is eternal. Trendy and elegant engagement rings are essential for capturing the very moment in which you fall in love. There are several diamond shapes that are trending right now, and this would include the cushion cut, the marquise, the oval, and many more. Colored stones have always been a centered element of jewelry fashion, and will probably stay trendy for a long time.

Oval Diamond Rings

There are a number of reasons to try for an oval cut diamond when you go out ring shopping. The oval diamond with same carat weight as the round diamond would, for one, look larger because of the higher surface area. Moreover, wearing an oval diamond ring would make your fingers appear more slender and longer.

Another advantage of an oval diamond is that it has rounded corners, and is hence less susceptible to chipping when matched with other diamond shapes. The brilliant faceting style of this diamond makes its fire compete with that of the round cut diamond. All these awesome qualities of the oval diamond make it one of the most popular styles among fancy alternatives.

Marquise Diamond Rings

The round cut brilliant ring is one of the classic engagement ring shapes that wouldn’t fade in popularity any time soon. However, many brides of the present times are falling in love with various diamond shapes besides the round. One option they often choose is the sophisticated marquise diamond.

According to legend, the marquise diamond got its name from Marquise de Pompadour, who was a mistress to King Louis XV as the outline of this diamond looked like the shape of her mouth. The beautiful marquise diamond is an elegant eye-shaped diamond cut. Moreover, it appears to be larger than a round cut diamond of the same weight when faced upwards. Another advantage of wearing a marquise diamond ring is that it would make your fingers seem longer and more slender. All these features make the marquise diamond cut a good option to pick.

Two-Tone Halo Ring Setting

The two-tone halo ring setting is a classic halo setting where halos of diamonds surround the centerpiece. There are many factors that make this setting look pleasing; firstly, the diamond halos surrounding the center stone make it look larger. Secondly, the setting would increase the overall sparkle of the ring, as it has more diamonds.

Some designers use a different color for the second halo in order to give a recurring element to the ring. This could be done by using a different colored gemstone for the second halo, or you could set diamonds in different metal colors. Each of these methods can make the ring look more appealing. The double halo setting is actually a wonderful option for those who like recreating vintage ring styles with a modern flair.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Cushion cut diamond rings have the charm to capture the hearts of nonconformists, romantics, and those looking forward to recreating the gorgeous vintage style in engagement rings. This diamond cut would surely remind you of the antique mine cut diamond masterpieces that were cut with precise eye measurements, back in the day.

The rounded corners and the curved sides of cushion cut diamonds are what give them a distinctive appeal. There are a number of variations for this diamond cut;, some look elongated, and some of them are made with rectangular proportions, while others can be likened to rounded squares. Another thing that influences the diamond’s appearance is a diverse arrangement of the facets of the diamond.

From this, it is clear that wearing a cushion cut diamond would really make you stand out from the crowd. Some of the most popular cushion cut diamonds around the world include the Cullinan II diamond which is seen in the British Imperial State Crown, the Archduke Joseph diamond, and the Hope diamond.

Morganite Rings

It is impossible to separate the color pink from romance. The elegant morganite is young, having come to the world of fashion only in recent times. It is its stylish appearance and affordable price range that helped it stay so long on the scene. The stone is available in a variety of pink shades such as purplish pink (“rose”), pastel pink, orangy pink, and yellowish pink (“peach”).

Like aquamarine, morganite is actually a variety of beryl. The morganite color that is the most treasured is strong pink. This color could be achieved by treating the gemstone with heat. Many a time the rose gold metal is paired along with morganite for deepening the pink hue of the stone. The stone has a hardness value of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it more prone to breakage and chipping than diamonds. Hence it would always be better to choose a protective setting like the bezel setting for this stone.