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Halo design is a popular choice in diamond rings. It is a timeless design that makes your ordinary engagement ring stunning and more appealing. Hence, a lot of people choose halo rings instead of solitaire rings. If you are looking to add a special appeal to your ordinary diamond ring, then halo is a great choice for you.

What Is A Halo Design?

A halo ring consists of center stone and a complete loop of smaller stones surrounding it. The smaller stones surrounding the center stone will add a brilliant sparkle to the ring. Hence, it will give an extraordinary appeal for your ordinary solitaire ring. Whether you choose round, princess, oval, cushion, or emerald diamond rings, the halo can suit them all. So you can get a wide variety of options in your halo ring.

The number of layers surrounding the center stone can vary. There can be one or more layers of smaller stones surrounding the diamond ring. As the number of layers increases, the sparkle will also increase.

Benefits Of Choosing A Halo Ring

By choosing a halo ring, you can have various benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Adds more beauty to the diamond ring.
  • Give a boost for the appearance and size of the center stone.
  • Holds and protects the center diamond securely.
  • It will give a bigger appearance for a small stone thereby helping you to save a considerable amount that you have to spend on getting a bigger stone.
  • Complements various diamond shapes.
  • You can personalize your halo rings by creating various color combinations for the center stone and small accent stones.

Are There Any Demerits For Halo Design?

Even though choosing a halo ring can provide you a lot of advantages, it has some demerits too. It can be difficult for you to maintain a halo ring because of the large number of stones. Also, the small stones may become loose over time.

Diamond Shapes That Suit Halo Ring

Halo design suits most diamond shapes. The following are some of the popular diamond shapes used in halo rings:

  • Round cut halo
  • Emerald cut halo
  • Princess cut halo
  • Cushion cut halo
  • Radiant cut halo
  • Oval cut halo
  • Asscher cut halo

There is a wide variety of designs in the halo ring. Plain shank halo ring, split shank halo ring, pave halo ring, double halo ring, etc. are some stunning choices found in halo designs.

Halo rings are a popular choice in engagement rings. The wide range of halo designs available in the market makes it possible for you to get a design that you like the best.