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Radiant Cut Diamond
Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant cut diamonds are popular because they have the brilliance of round brilliant cut with the purity of emerald cut. It is a non-traditional cut, also called rectangular modified-brilliant cut. These stones have excellent brilliance, scintillation, and fire, making them stand out. Due to these reasons, radiant cut diamonds are ideal for solitaire rings and are priced lower than round cut diamonds. This makes them a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings; read on to know more about radiant cut diamonds.

A History Of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Compared to round cut and emerald cut, the radiant cut is new, i.e. they are only 40 years old. This cut was designed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard who had 30 years of diamond cutting experience. His purpose in designing this cut was to combine the brilliance of round brilliant cut, with the elegant long shape of an emerald cut. Besides, it is one of the popular choices of many Hollywood celebrities making it very desirable among women.

The Cut Quality Of Radiant Cut Diamond

A radiant cut diamond comes with 70 facets in its pavilion and crown. The radiant cut is cropped at the corners giving it a look that is a cross between the fiery princess cut and the cushion cut. Because of this, these diamonds have higher durability and are ideal for those who have an active lifestyle. Listed below are the specs for ideal and affordable radiant cut diamonds.

  • Table % – 61% to 69% (Recommended), 57% to 60% or 70% to 72% (Affordable)
  • Depth % – 61% to 67% (Recommended), 59% to 58.9% or 70.1% to 74% (Affordable)
  • Girdle – Thin to Thick (Recommended), Thin to Thick (Affordable)
  • Culet – None (Recommended), Very Small (Affordable)
  • Polish/Symmetry – Excellent (Recommended), Excellent (Affordable)

Different Types Of Radiant Cuts

A traditional radiant cut diamond is rectangular like an emerald diamond. However, they vary having a squarer shape and you may confuse it with a cushion cut diamond. What differentiates them is the number of facets and the brilliant sparkle the radiant cut has. A square radiant cut has more brilliance and is suitable to be worn as a solitaire ring, while the rectangular radiant cut is fiercer and more suitable to be worn as a necklace. GIA have coined special names for them and these are – cut corner square modified brilliant and cut-corner rectangular modified brilliant.

We hope that this article gave you clarity about the radiant cut diamond, and will help in the purchase of your diamond engagement or wedding ring.