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Emerald Cut Diamond
Emerald Cut Diamond

The shape and cut of the diamonds greatly vary. You can find a wide variety of diamond shapes when shopping for diamond jewelry. So you can choose a shape and cut that suits you the best. Round brilliant cut diamonds form part of a majority of the diamond jewellery being made today. This is the most commonly used cut because of its great brilliance and desirable shape. You can also find a lot of other options including oval, pear, and heart, etc. In addition to this, you can find a variety of cuts that are square or rectangular. Hence, if you want an edgy and distinct look that helps you stand out then you can go for these options.

Square And Rectangular Shaped Diamond Cuts

Different diamond cuts are available for you that are either square or rectangular in shape. So if you are a fan of these shapes then forget about the traditional round diamond and go for any of the cuts listed below. This will give you a unique and bold look among others. The following are some of the popular square and rectangular-shaped diamond cuts you need to know:


This is the most popular diamond shape after the round brilliant. It is known for the perfect square shape, and the value of princess cut diamonds will decrease when they become rectangular. They have pointed corners that set them apart from other square and rectangular-shaped diamonds. Even though it cannot match the brilliance of a round diamond, princess diamonds still exhibit great sparkle and brilliance.


You can find cushion cut in square or rectangular shapes. These diamonds are usually characterized by their round corners, which provide them a pillow-like appearance. You can find a large number of modifications to this cut. Some of them will have good sparkle, whereas, some others won’t. Hence, they are hard to classify.


An emerald cut diamond is not designed for maximizing the brilliance. Therefore, an emerald cut ring can have a mellow appearance when compared to round diamond rings. Emerald cut diamond is characterized by “step cut” which has facets that run parallel to the girdle or each other. The emerald cut has a rectangular shape, but if the length and width of an emerald diamond are almost similar, then it can look like a square.

Square and rectangular shaped diamonds can be the best option for people who want a distinct look. So, if you want that distinct look, now you know which cuts to consider.