Emerald Cut Diamond

More engagements happen in the last month of the calendar year than others, as per 2018’s ‘Brides American Wedding Study’. Your social networking site feeds will possibly be slightly more glitzy when couples mark the start of the year with new jewelry. Some sparkling rings you see there will show their wish to personalize their engagement experience and the celebrity influence, which spurred ring trends.

Diamonds with Different Shapes

Diamonds that come in the “step cut” category are on-trend. Singer cum actor Jennifer Lopez got an emerald cut diamond ring from her baseball player fiancé Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez. This played a part in making the emerald gemstone-like shape popular among diamond enthusiasts.

Many celebrities have been choosing such elongated diamond cuts, which flatter the finger because these make it look longer.

Pieces with Secret Details

Traditional styles are being upgraded with unusual detailing, such as diamonds below the gallery setting part, filigree hand-inscription and milgrain work. This invincible gallery is the favorite of many couples because to them it makes this gemstone be in the most prominent position of the ring.

Three-Stone Setting

The cushion-shaped diamond piece of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, features round cut side stones from the personal collection of Princess Diana. Meghan’s ring is thought to have popularized engagement rings featuring three gemstones, also known as three-stone rings. The three gems in it represent the past, present and future of a couple’s relationship. Fancy-shaped accent diamonds are getting much emphasis. Tapered baguette diamonds and unique cuts are used to add some interesting feature and something slightly more contemporary and one of a kind into the piece. You can add colorful side stones for more personalization.

Yellow Gold

Although yellow gold may not be replacing platinum or white gold in popularity, it is becoming more popular than before. It is somewhat like how rose gold got an uptick in popularity some years before.

The trends seemed to start about the time of Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry. When he designed the gold band engagement ring, it was swapped for another band with pave-set diamonds. Yellow gold is stunning and has a warm tone, and it pairs stunningly with traditional, vintage-inspired and modern styles. Therefore, yellow gold is timeless when it comes to engagement ring bands. Meghan’s upgraded piece sparked one of the biggest bridal trends of recent years.