Diamond Rings
Engagement Ring Selection

Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task, considering the large number of options available in the market. Whether you select diamond rings, gold rings or a simple platinum band, it should suit the personality and lifestyle of the person wearing it.

Many grooms reported that buying engagement rings for women is one of the difficult tasks they had encountered in their life! Funny, isn’t it? But in fact, it is indeed a difficult task to choose the best ring for your partner to match their style and character. This is one of the costly purchases you make in your life, so make sure to get the best out of it. Following are some common mistakes associated with engagement ring shopping that are commonly made by people. Make sure to avoid them while you purchase your ring.

Don’t shop without a budget

Before you go for ring hunt, plan a budget you want to spend. It might seem obvious, but the fact is that most people end up in spending way too much for their engagement ring than they intended to spend. So choose how much you want to spend and stick on to it.

Most salesperson has an ability to convince you to buy more than you require. So tell them the amount you want to spend and ask them to show designs within that budget.

Don’t let the 4Cs misguide you

The 4Cs of diamond is a term that you will be hearing when purchasing diamond rings. These 4Cs including the Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat size determine the value of a diamond. But these terms might be used to unnecessarily squeeze money out of the customers.

For example if two round cut diamonds are graded same color and carat size, but the one has slightly higher grade in terms of clarity than the other, then the diamond with more clarity will be more expensive. But there might not be any difference between them for a naked eye. But because of the high grading, the former diamond will be more costly. If you select the second one, you can save money. These two diamonds will not have any difference when they are set on a ring.

Therefore, in such cases, a small decision can make huge difference in the money you spend. So choose wisely and save money. The salesperson might insist you to take the diamond with higher value stating that it has more clarity. But don’t blindly fall for their tricks.