For thousands of years, people all around the world wear coin necklaces because of the belief that they can bring luck and good fortune to the wearer. Therefore, buying a silver or gold coin necklace will be a timeless addition to your collection of jewelry. Gold coin necklaces are best for everyday wear also. Many people believe that wearing a coin necklace may bring wealth and prosperity.

The significance of the gold coin dates back 400-500 years. Back then, people used to give gold coins as a gift to their loved ones. Most often people engrave sentimental messages onto the gold coins and people wore them as meaningful coin necklaces. Over the years, the gold coin necklace has got many meanings.

Popularity Of Coin Necklaces

The popularity of coin jewelry, especially coin necklaces, rose significantly since 2011 when Holly Willoughby wore a double coin necklace on a popular TV show. That coin necklace worn by Holly Willoughby was handmade in the UK and featured two 22 carat Sovereign coins. Recently, Kanye West, in collaboration with Jacob Arabov, designed a collection of jewelry. 12 coin necklaces were also featured in the collection and they were inspired by 14th-century Florentine art.

Wearing A Coin Necklace

One of the main advantages of a coin necklace is that it is perfect for everyday wear. If you are confused about wearing which necklace for a night out, then a silver or gold coin necklace is one of the best choices. Some people also wear layered coin necklaces as a unique style statement. Some people take a step further and mix silver and gold coin necklaces for creating a unique look.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Coin Necklace

Most coin pendants carry specific meanings. For example, the Roman coin necklaces depicted goddess Venus, who represents beauty and love. On the other hand, Greek coin necklaces depict the goddess Athena, who represents female empowerment. Therefore, you should choose coin necklaces that suit your personality. St. Christopher coin pendant is the most popular coin necklace among men. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

Wearing a single coin necklace elevates any look and it will be the best go-to necklace for you. Whether you add more talisman necklaces or wear just one silver or gold coin necklace, this versatile piece of jewelry will enhance the look of every outfit effortlessly. Some people may also prefer mixing silver and gold coin necklaces because it creates a look that matches their personal style.