Coronavirus or the COVID-19 has become a source of anxiety and uncertainty that has kept world governments, leaders and the general population at its toes! The science of what makes COVID-19 tick is being studied and its mysteries cracked open as you read. Many people are worried and have started cooperating in fighting this virus, as it has become obvious to us all that it requires each and every one of our efforts to put a stop to this menace.

The one thing that is spreading faster than the coronavirus is the fear and misinformation. This has turned rampant. Unreliable sources, news channels and even websites posting false information have created a wave of unnecessary panic. The new addition is that, dogs spread COVID-19.

Let us Begin breaking this down…

Dogs can be infected and contracted certain types of coronavirus. Example includes the canine respiratory coronavirus. The novel coronavirus or the COVID-19 is a strain that hasn’t shown any conclusive evidence of infecting dogs!

The way in which the coronavirus spreads is by mean of respiratory droplets expelled from an infected person by means of sneezing, coughing or even talking!

Is It Worth The Risk?

Virologist and epidemiologist are yet to ascertain whether the transmissibility of the COVID-19 from pets to humans. If your pet is to go out, and is touched or interacted with an infected person, then they could be infected as well. There have been 2 cases where a weak positive was attained on testing a Pomeranian and a German Shepard. But subsequent tests deemed it inconclusive.

What Should You Do?

The best course of action is to isolate your pet. This could be an anxious time for your fellow critters, but keep in mind that you are doing this to keep them safe and healthy. If you have children in the house, try keeping the interaction between them and with your pets a minimum, until this blows over. The practice of washing your hands thoroughly after petting or touching your pets is to be followed. Be sure to start wearing face mask as a precautionary measure even isolated within homes. With a shortage of face masks seen in many places, you can online shop facemask which are available on various websites. You can find good quality, well-built face masks here, because it may just be this little item that could make a difference in keeping your family, your pets and your loved ones safe from COVID-19.