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Love Knot Engagement Rings
Love Knot Engagement Rings

When a jewelry piece is given to mark an occasion, that item becomes beyond just a cool present. Such an accessory is the crystallization of human emotions, plus a way to communicate special things without saying anything. A Valentine’s Day diamond engagement ring asks for commitment for life. Nothing symbolizes ‘forever’ like a love knot ring.

This is the ideal diamond ring to give your lover as a Valentine’s Day present. By looping about itself, a knot does not have a start point or end. So, the many spirals and twists of it symbolize eternal partnership and love.

When two materials are knotted, they are not separable and breakable. So knots tend to be used to signify unity. It is not a new concept, with the visual knots dating way back to ancient Egypt, as represented by Egyptian sculptures. The knot was also represented in many other forms of art, including Celtic art and Grecian types. Today, jewelry with these knots are pretty common, as seen in this RockHer webpage section. In the past, however, more delicate materials like wood and leaves were used to form knots instead of metals.

Jewelers interpreted the pattern into symbolic, timeless and easy-to-sport diamond rings, bracelets and hoops. The knot signifies the unbreakable promise of devotion and love. So choosing such a ring for Valentine’s Day is one of the best, most romantic ways to impress your other half.

Valentine’s Day is the year’s most romantic occasion for lovers. If it is true that people celebrate love daily, in small things, it is also a fact that occasionally they renew promises with a special piece for their lovers.

The ‘knot’ in a love knot ring also symbolizes friendship and affection from ancient times. It is just that in the past few centuries, it has commonly been considered a token of the link between lovers. Give it to your lover to show her how strongly you feel for her. The simplest form of love knot ring design is made of white gold and sterling silver. However, you can also go for a yellow gold knot ring set with diamonds at the center.

Even with a diamond, the knot amid the ring will be the eye-catching thing about this kind of ring. This is that rare piece of jewelry where the metal band pattern is more important than the gemstone set in it.