Emerald Cut Diamond
Emerald Cut Diamond
Emerald Cut Diamond

It is common knowledge that the 4Cs of a diamond including the cut, clarity, color, and carat can have a direct impact on the value and price of diamonds. In addition to these important factors, there is a wide range of other factors that can affect the value of your diamond. Therefore, we list some of these factors so that you can choose an option based on your budget.

Diamond Shape

This is one of the important factors that affect the price of diamonds apart from the 4Cs. The shape of a diamond can greatly vary based on the type of cut used on it. The round brilliant diamonds are the most expensive option, as it has the most demand. Additionally, a huge portion of the rough stone will be lost when cutting this particular diamond.

All other diamond shapes are less expensive than round diamonds. So if you are looking for affordable diamonds, then emerald cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, etc. can be suitable for you. Some other affordable options include princess, cushion, oval, heart, marquise, pear, Asscher, and trillion.

Diamond Fluorescence

The fluorescence of a diamond can affect its price negatively. It is the way in which diamonds react to UV light. Diamonds with this property will exhibit a blue light when exposed to UV light. However, this effect is barely visible in most diamonds.

Diamond Symmetry

The facets of a diamond should be symmetrical for it to reflect and refract the maximum amount of light. If an imaginary line is drawn in the middle of a diamond, the facets present on both halves should be identical. If the diamond has asymmetrical facets, it can reduce its value and price.

Diamond Polish

The surface of the diamond should be polished and smooth for it to effectively reflect light. If the diamonds are not properly polished, it can be difficult for the light to enter the stone thereby reducing its brilliance along with its price.

Diamond Certification

Diamond certification can be important when you are buying or selling diamonds. Always get diamonds that come with grading reports from gemological labs like the GIA. Diamonds with certifications will have better value, as it can be easy for customers to access the quality of the stone they buy. A diamond certificate will have the grades assigned for different quality parameters of a diamond including the 4Cs.

So when getting diamonds, consider these factors to analyze their value and price.