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Fancy Colored Diamonds
Colored Diamonds Guide

Diamonds are available in different varieties of colors in the world. In fact, there are 9 different intensity levels, more than 230 color combinations, 90 secondary hues, and several more options in diamonds based on their size, cut, and clarity. Thus, the range of diamonds is quite immeasurable.

Interestingly, fancy colored diamonds form a tiny 0.1% of all colorless diamonds found each year. So this makes them unique and even more precious. Below is a discussion of some of the rare fancy colored diamonds found until date.

Red Diamonds

Among the whole range of colors in diamonds, red diamonds are the rarest. These are excavated from very few locations around the world.

  • The Moussaieff Red is a 5.11 carat fancy red diamond that has been graded Internally Flawless. It is also regarded as the largest IF red diamond in the world, which was sold at an auction for $8 million (1.6 million per carat).
  • The Hancock Red Diamond is a 0.95 carat round brilliant diamond. It has a fancy purplish red color. Despite being less than a carat in weight, it is one of the most sought-after diamonds in history. This diamond was sold in 1987 for around $880,000, but would be worth much more today with the rise in the diamond prices.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are considered the second most rarest diamond colors in the world. These have been a preferred choice for the royal people and have featured many a times in their collections.

  • The Hope Diamond is a 45.52 carat diamond with a fancy deep grayish-blue shade. This diamond is graded as a VS1 clarity grade.
  • The Wittelsbach Graff is a fancy deep blue diamond weighing 31.06 carats. It is graded Internally Flawless and was sold for a whopping $24.3 million back in 2008.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are as valuable as any other colored variety available today. They are usually revered for the intense passion and feminine emotion they evoke. Besides, they also have a huge potential for investment.

  • The Graff Pink is a famous fancy intense pink diamond weighing 24.78 carats. This stone has been examined and labeled as “potentially flawless”, which is an extremely rare finding in diamonds.
  • The Steinmetz Pink is yet another rare pink diamond. This is a 59.60 carat Internally Flawless diamond. It comes under the fancy vivid pink category.
  • The Perfect Pink is a 24.78 carat fancy pink stone that received one of the highest prices in any fancy colored diamonds auctions. It was bought for a stunning $46 million.