Natural Diamond Engagement Rings
Natural Diamond Engagement Rings
Natural Diamond Engagement Rings

Selecting the ring setting is as important as any other factors when buying a diamond engagement ring as you have to wear it for a lifetime. Jewellers offer a wide variety of designs having their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right kind of design is dependent on the lifestyle of the wearer, as it determines the ease with which the ring can be maintained and the precautions that must be taken to prevent damages. Listed below are some of the settings for natural diamond engagement rings suitable for different lifestyles.

Prong Setting

In prong setting, prongs extending upwards form the shank hold the stone secure and this setting ensures that maximum amount of light reaches the stone. As a result of this, the diamond is the focus of attention and hence popular among customers. It is suitable for everyday use and the safety can be increased with a double prong setting. However, you should know that as you increase the number of prongs the amount of light reaching the stone decreases.

Pave Setting

Pave setting is similar to the prong setting, but the presence of stones on the shank enhances the beauty of the centre stone. The highlight of this type of setting is that it gives incredible brilliance for the jewellery and is suitable for very special occasions.  This is generally not suited for everyday use and not meant for a very active lifestyle as it requires higher maintenance to maintain the brilliance of the ring.

Micro Setting

Micro setting is made by setting micro stones that are less than one carat on the ring surface such that the whole outside of the ring is covered in stones. This requires an experienced jeweller who can execute a precise job and the design can be applied on top of other settings. Some of the most beautiful engagement rings use this design. Even though this design is considered to be safe, the presence of smaller stones requires extra care, and generally not suited for everyday use or active lifestyle.

Bezel Setting

In bezel setting, the stone is surrounded by a thin strip of the precious metal so that it is securely held in place and very much suitable for an active lifestyle. Compared to other styles, it requires less maintenance, but the slight drawback of this style is that the stone is less exposed to light and hence lesser brilliance. Hence, if you are looking for a sturdy design then you should go for a bezel setting.

Illusion Setting

In illusion setting, the centre stone is surrounded by a collar of highly polished spectacularly beautiful ring material. As a result, the stone is very securely held and it is perfectly suitable for everyday use and active lifestyle.

Purchasing quality jewellery is important, as it is an investment for a lifetime and ensures that you get it from a skilled designer.