1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring
Emerald Cut
Celebrity Engagement Rings

The emerald cut diamond shape is popular among celebrities as well. This is evidenced by the fact that many pick emerald cut diamonds for their engagement rings. Do not be confused by the nomenclature – this type of diamond cut takes cues from the emerald stone’s most popular shape, and hence the name.

Elizabeth Taylor

The diamond named after Elizabeth Taylor was not the only considerable diamond owned by the actress. The one Mike Todd gave her was one of the most beautiful emerald cut engagement rings ever seen. She referred to the jewel as “my ice skating rink.”

When a Russian museum told her it should be inside a museum, she replied, “I disagree with you. When I wear it anyone can look at it and I’ll let anybody try it on. So more people have probably touched this stone, seen the beauty in the pure sunshine or when it sparkles at night. Anyone who is around me can see it up close. Isn’t that better than putting it in a museum?”


The iconic jewelry piece owned by Queen B is one of the most popular engagement rings of all time. It is known for the emerald cut diamond, its carat weight, as well as its staggering cost. The gorgeous engagement ring with an 18-carat diamond and a split-shank setting is worth quite a lot of money – they say it cost here around $5 million.

Melania Trump

The stone which Donald Trump purchased for his lady-love’s engagement ring had to be considerable, and it was at that. The flawless twelve-carat emerald shaped diamond was reportedly worth 2 to 3 million dollars at the time of their engagement. However, Trump dismissed that claim and said he got a 1.5-million-dollar discount on the 15-carat diamond engagement ring.

Paris Hilton

The staggering twenty-four carat emerald shaped diamond piece Paris Hilton got from Paris Kasidokostas-Latsis also falls on the list of all-time popular engagement rings. The Greek shipping heir purchased it for a reported 4.7 million dollars. The weight at 24 carats also earns this piece top spot on the list of heaviest emerald diamond pieces in the world. Paris Hilton auctioned the ring off for 2 million dollars, as per reports, to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. That understandably set a trend for celebrities in country to follow.