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The engagement will be one of the most auspicious and memorable milestones in the life of almost every couple. Hence, most couples will settle for nothing but elegant engagement rings. Unlike olden days, the trends in the engagement ring field are changing rapidly. Currently, appealing colored gemstones are taking over the industry. Speaking of colored gemstones, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are the reliable options for engagement rings after diamonds. Out of these, one of the most celebrated and unique options for elegant engagement rings are emeralds. Furthermore, only a few gemstones offer the same brilliance, richness, and durability as that of emeralds.

Needless to mention, flaunting an emerald diamond ring will be perfect to make a striking and bold style statement. After all, the beauty offered by such sparklers as the luscious green color of emeralds contrast with the sparkling rays of diamonds will be indefinable. However, you may ruin its appeal at times wearing the wrong outfit. Note that an emerald diamond has got its own charisma and hence, pairing it with a loud outfit will look awkward. Plus, the grand embellishments on your outfit may distract the attraction of people from your elegant engagement rings. Hence, keep your look balanced while flaunting an emerald diamond ring.

The same concept of simplicity is applicable when it comes to other accessories as well. Make sure that your earrings, necklaces, or any other accessories are ideal to complement your emerald diamond ring. Furthermore, if you are wondering about the care and maintenance of your elegant engagement rings, emeralds demand special care. Even though emeralds rank high on the Moh’s scale of hardness, you must not wear it while indulging in strenuous activities such as gardening, high-intensity workout, water sports, etc. Similarly, take your ring off while doing dishes or doing any task including chemicals.  Otherwise, it will affect the vibrant color of your emerald stone making it look as dull as lifeless.

When you apply makeup, make sure to put your engagement ring at last. Otherwise, your makeup residue may get trapped in the crevices of your diamond ring demanding frequent cleaning. This can affect its durability and appeal. Moreover, it is recommended not to wear your emerald diamond ring on your dominant hand so that the chance for you to hit it hard on other objects will be minimal. It is worth noting that emeralds feature tiny natural cracks and brittles that make it prone to chipping and scratches when struck hard on a heavy object such as a stone.  Finally, be careful to store your emerald diamond ring in an appropriate ring box or a jewelry organizer.