Rectangle Engagement Ring
Rectangle Engagement Ring
Rectangle Engagement Ring

The way a diamond is cut accounts for a large part of its attraction. There are numerous common shapes for diamonds, and some companies develop their distinct styles. The round cut is the trendiest of diamond cuts, but others are equally beautiful. You might want to know that there is a huge popularity for square and rectangle engagement ring as round engagement rings are popular.

Here are some of the square and rectangle diamond cuts available in the market these days.


When compared to the princess cut, the edges of the cushion cut are rounded. It might be square or rectangle in shape. Since different cutters produce different facets in the stone, a cushion diamond can have a variety of appearances. When gazing down into the gem’s table, you can see well-defined patterns. As brides seek something trendy yet classic, the cushion has grown increasingly popular in recent years.


According to expert jewelers, the princess cut is a hybrid cut, which means it incorporates elements from several other forms to create a distinctive appearance. It has sharp corners and is essentially square in shape. After round diamonds, every bride’s next preference is princess cut. It’s no wonder, given the gem’s unusual and bright facets. It is important to note that the princess cut is one of the costliest diamond cuts available in the market.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut diamond is square and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular diamond cuts among couples looking for engagement rings. Like its rectangular counterparts, Asscher cut diamond’s corners are cut perfectly. Though the Asscher Brothers of Holland created this appearance in 1902, it gained popularity in Hollywood after being featured in an episode of the famous TV show “Sex and the City.”


The aperture of an emerald cut diamond is long and rectangular. The diamond’s top is exposed, allowing you to peer down inside the stone. There appears to be a sequence of concentric rectangles on the inside. The step cut of this diamond is utilized to bring out the stone’s clarity.

Radiant Cut

This dazzling diamond is cut in a square shape for maximum luminosity. It boasts one-of-a-kind faceting patterns that reflect sunlight in an infinite variety of ways. When viewed from the top, the light seems to propel from the gem’s heart. Hence, if you want the brilliance of a round stone and the square of an emerald prefer radiant diamond cut shapes.