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Engagement Ring Buying Tips

If you are planning to propose, then you would definitely need an engagement ring and in the process, you might most probably visit a jewelry store. The jeweler will ask you certain questions to help you select the perfect ring that will match your expectations. It is better to be prepared for these questions so that the narrowing of your choices will be easier. Following are some questions you may face when you visit jewelry for purchasing an engagement ring for your loved one:

Did you just start shopping for an engagement ring?

The jeweler will be asking this question to know where you stand in the engagement ring shopping. If you have visited some other jewelry stores before, you might have a basic idea about diamonds and engagement ring designs. But if you are visiting a store for the first time you may not be aware of the basics.

So don’t be afraid to say that you don’t have any experience, as the jeweler will happily describe the process and steps in selecting an engagement ring, and will educate you about different factors related to buying diamonds and different ring designs, etc.

If you want to know more about the basics even before you visit a store, then you can browse the internet for this process. There will be a vast amount of information you need to know about diamonds, engagement rings settings, designs, etc, which will help you to form a basic idea of what you need to buy.

What is your budget?

Even though this might sound obvious, many people still forget to set a budget that they can afford, and end up buying a very costly ring that is way beyond their wallet’s reach. Don’t be one of them. Set a budget and stick to it. Don’t be embarrassed to share your budget with the jeweler. They will show you ring designs within your budget rate. Therefore, it will be easy for you to choose a good ring inside your budget.

A good jeweler will help you to choose the best ring that has the maximum value for the money you are spending.

Do you know about the 4Cs of a diamond?

The 4Cs of diamonds are factors that decide the quality of a diamond. It includes color, clarity, cut and carat weight. This 4Cs will have a great influence on a diamond’s price. If you are not aware of them already, a jeweler will explain those terms and their importance to you.

Don’t be shy to ask your doubts about the 4Cs as they have great significance in deciding your diamond’s value and price. Even a slight difference in any of these factors will have a bigger impact on the amount you have to spend. So gather as much information as possible regarding the 4Cs, before you choose a diamond.

Does she like a round brilliant cut or fancy shape diamond?

Selecting the right diamond shape is an important part of purchasing the engagement ring. Round brilliant cut diamond is the most sought out diamond shape as it has the most sparkle among all the diamond shapes.

But if your fiancée is a person who loves a unique look, then you can go for other shapes also. Emerald cut, princess cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, etc. are other popular diamond shapes. These shapes, other than round brilliant cut, are known as fancy shapes. Each of these shapes has its own unique charm and elegance. For example, an emerald cut ring will give a bold and enticing look for the bride.

Another benefit you will get when choosing a fancy shape is that it will be less costly than a round cut diamond. Therefore, you can get a beautiful ring at a much lower cost.

What’s her ring style?

The jeweler will want to know the style of the ring that your beloved likes. He will ask you questions like, is she a fan of simple designs, or adores latest trends, or if she loves antique designs, etc. Pay attention to these factors and you can select a ring she will definitely love.

Another important thing you have to notice is the ring setting. It is better to select a setting based on her lifestyle. If you’re beloved wants a simple ring apt for everyday use, then select a prong setting which will provide good visibility for the diamond. But if she is a person who works with her hands, then prong setting may not suit her as it is vulnerable to damage. In this case, you can choose a bezel setting, which will give more protection for the stone, and helps to avoid any damages occurring to the diamond.

What’s her ring size?

For the ring to perfectly fit the bride, it should be of the perfect size. The jeweler will show you a set of finger gauges to find out the exact size of her ring.