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Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds are among the most valuable substances in existence. They also play a major role in expressing your union with your life partner. Therefore, diamonds have to be chosen with great care and after ample research. You need to know certain fundamental things while you go shopping for emerald cut engagement rings. Below are some of the most common mistakes that you can avoid while buying a diamond.

Overlooking the Cut

Out of the four fundamental factors that determine the quality of the diamond, the cut is the most important. This is because the cut determines the performance of a diamond in front of light. It dictates the radiance of the stone when the stone gets illuminated. Even if the diamond has a high grade of clarity and color, it will look unattractive if the cut is improper. Many cuts are extremely deep that their weight gets focused on the bottom.

Expecting Flawless Clarity

There are limits to what naked eyes can see. Hence, make sure you spend adequately for clarity levels so that the visibility is taken into account. It is advisable to go for VS2 clarity of the diamond. You can also pick the best cut you can. It is safer to choose a clarity grade that conceals flaws. Color also has a part to play in deciding the beauty of a diamond and so it is recommended to buy an H grade diamond.

Focusing on the Size of the Diamond

Many people put their focus on the size of the diamond. This is clearly the wrong approach to buying the right diamond. If you compare a 1 carat and a 0.9 carat diamond beside each other, you may not be able to tell the difference. Therefore, focus on the other influential factors and make the purchase.

Choosing an Exact Weight

It has become a common practice to buy diamonds with exact carat weights. This practice might bring a sense of completion, but it is not good for your budget. Remember that whole figure diamonds cost more than others do. For instance, an emerald diamond ring with 1-carat diamond costs several hundred dollars higher than a ring with 0.9-carat diamond. Hence, make sure you do not choose an exact figure diamond and save considerably on your purchase.

There are several common mistakes that we make while buying diamonds. Make sure you follow the above tips to save a lot on your budget and quality of diamonds.