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Do you believe in reincarnation? If you do, you might feel that the emerald cut ring on Kim Kardashian’s finger is the same one from 2016. Then, a similar-style ring was robbed from the reality TV personality in Paris city. The incident is well documented, and anyone who follows celebrity news closely will know about it.

Recently, the Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney, posed for photos as part of a promotion campaign for their diamond brand. Their campaign pictures are very glamorous, as you would expect from the Kardashians, with them dripping with diamonds. They brought extra glamour to this campaign. However, observant fans were quick to mention that the eldest of the Kardashian siblings seem to wear her engagement rings, including one which was stolen from her.

Now, how does this work out? Did she really get it back alongside her necklace, or is it a replica of that 2016 ring with an emerald-shaped diamond? Did Kanye West, her husband, give her another ring that resembles that one? Fans are still wondering whether the American rapper has done that. Kim Kardashian was rattled by that incident, something which is evident from the fact that she chose not to wear glitzy pieces in public.

What adds to the intrigue for the fans is that Kim did recover the necklace she lost in Paris city. So understandably, not everyone could be sure whether she recovered that ring as well. All that fans are asking is this: she is lucky to get back her necklace and has lady luck shined twice on her?

The Paris robbery was indeed terrifying in many respects. Firstly, it was chilling for the way in which the celebrity was found in the bathtub of her Parisian apartment. Robbers held her at gunpoint, then tied her up and left her there like that. She lost the millions worth of valuables, including this diamond ring which was thought to be worth $4 million. However, more than the money, it brought the whole notion of celebrities and their privacy into focus. People have since been questioning whether celebrities are safe in this age of social media. Is it the right place to showcase valuable things like diamonds? Fans told Kim not to boastfully display her ornaments the last time she did so on social media.

This time, the center of attention changed to her ring: is it the 2016 ring or a replica? Only Kim could tell us. Click here for more exciting information.