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The engagement ring that you buy for your loved one will be the symbol of love and affection you have for the person. However, buying an engagement ring can turn out to be a difficult task if you lack proper knowledge about jewelry. Even then, it will be in your best interest to buy a ring, which is elegant and unique at the same time. It is at this stage that you may go for vintage engagement rings. They as the name suggests have an old-world feel that will make them the best choice.

There are varieties of vintage engagement rings from which you may choose the right one for you. 

White Topaz Vintage Engagement Ring

This is one of the vintage emerald cut engagement rings, for which the aesthetic value is very high. If the ring is set in yellow gold, you can feel the timeless appeal of the ring. You may go for it if your beloved is fond of emerald cut engagement rings.

Hexagon Diamond Cut

This ring has a special design that makes it adorable. There is a central diamond around which six other diamonds are placed, to give a hexagon effect. This makes the ring majestic. One can feel royal while wearing this engagement ring.

Asscher Cut Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring

If you and your partner love to enjoy the art of the olden times, this ring will be the ideal choice. The ring gets an antique look because of the micro diamonds that are set in a mosaic arrangement. It will be pleasing to a person who loves the art deco style.

Crown Cut Gold Vintage Ring

Gold engagement rings have a timeless appeal and it is true with this ring as well. Vintage gold engagement rings are refined and the trendy gold metal gives them the everlasting charm. You may choose a ring that has a very delicate look with an elegant appearance.

Triplet Stone Silver Vintage Ring

This ring has three stones fixed on it that give it a unique look. The three stones are said to symbolize yesterday, today and tomorrow. The love and bond of the two hearts are to stay the same always. You can convey this beautiful message in gifting this vintage ring to your love.

Oval Sharp Cut Diamond Ring

If your loved one likes fairy tales, kings, and queens of the old era, you may gift this ring as the ideal gift. In this setting, the central oval shaped diamond is complemented by numerous micro diamonds around it. 

There are many types of vintage rings that, it will be good to know the taste and style of your loved one before you purchase the right one.