Emerald Diamond Ring
Emerald Cut Ring
Emerald Cut Ring

Emerald cut diamonds are a popular option among people who are looking for rectangular-shaped diamonds. With its elongated look and symmetrical rectangular facets, this diamond shape is a great choice for your engagement ring. Emerald diamonds create a subtle glimmer in the light with their special cut. Today, you can see a large number of celebrities wearing emerald cut rings and it has become a diamond shape loved by people across the world.

Emerald cut diamonds can suit a large number of popular ring settings that are available today. It is a versatile diamond shape that you can use with a wide range of settings. The following are some of the best ring settings for emerald cut diamonds:

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting creates a perfect option for your emerald diamond, as it can show off the sleek and refined look of this stone. As this diamond has a rectangular or square shape, it can showcase more surface area, so your emerald diamond ring won’t go noticed by others. Solitaire emerald rings create a great option for brides who want a simple yet bold look.

Pave Setting

If you want to add a little more sparkle to your emerald ring, then pave settings is a great option for you. This setting has small stones set on the band that can contribute to the overall glimmer of the ring. If you are choosing a pave emerald ring for your engagement ring, you can complement it with a pave wedding band which will together create a stunning combo.

Three Stone Settings

This is another option to add a little more shine to your ring. Here, your emerald cut diamond will be accompanied by two other stones of a slightly small size. This can accentuate the look of an emerald cut diamond.

East-West Setting

The north-south setting is commonly found in emerald cut rings. However, you can make it different by choosing an east-west setting. This offers a simple yet distinct and stylish option for your engagement ring. This looks similar to a solitaire setting but with a slightly different orientation.

Halo Setting

If you love shine, then a halo ring is your best option. With the large number of small stones covering the center stone, this setting can greatly increase the overall sparkle of the ring.

If you love emerald cut diamonds, then you can choose a setting from them based on the look you want for your engagement ring. All these settings can help to perfectly showcase the unique appeal of your emerald cut diamond.