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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
Emerald Engagement Rings

The emerald cut diamonds are very rare and unique among all the diamonds around the world. It has a classic vintage status among diamonds. It is important to know these factors about an emerald cut diamond engagement ring before you buy it.

Emerald Cut Diamonds Have a Large Appearance

The top surface area of an emerald cut diamond will appear larger for the naked eyes. When a 2 carat round cut diamond and a 2 carat emerald cut diamond are kept side by side, the emerald cut will appear bigger than the round cut. Thus a larger appearance is given to the diamond for a lower price.

It Makes the Finger Look Slender

Due to the elongated shape of the emerald cut diamond, it gives a slender and thinner appearance to the fingers of the person who wears it. Thus anyone can have a classy and elegant look by wearing an emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

The Length-Width Ratio of the Diamond is Important

The length- width ratio of the diamond can tell you how much wide or narrow the diamond will be. As the length-width ratio increases, the diamond will be thinner and longer. The ideal ratio for an emerald cut can be between 1.30 and 1.60, even though customers usually look for a ratio between 1.20 and 1.80.

An Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Will Cost you Less

Though it is rare to find, it has the advantage of being cheap. The emerald engagement ring will cost you very much less than the other rings. It is because they do not have much demand in the market. In fact you will be able to buy an emerald engagement ring for a price far less than the amount you would spend on an engagement ring with a round cut diamond of the same carat weight.

The Clarity of the Emerald Cut Diamond is Very Clear

This is another feature of an emerald cut diamond. In an emerald diamond engagement ring, you will be able to find the inclusions and imperfections very clearly than in a ring set with a round or brilliant cut diamond. The diamond on the ring must be examined thoroughly before you choose to buy the ring with the emerald cut diamond. Hence you have to be very careful in buying an emerald cut engagement ring.

It is better to avoid S12 diamonds because the inclusions will be very clearly visible in this one.

The Color of Emerald Cut Diamonds is More Apparent

The color of the diamond is revealed more clearly in an emerald cut diamond than in any other diamond. All diamonds, regardless of their cut have the same color if they are in the colorless range of D-F. But an emerald cut diamond in a low color range of H-K can appear warmer or little yellowish in color. If you want your emerald cut diamond to not have this warmth or yellowish touch, you can choose a color grade which you would select when buying a normal round cut diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamonds Do Not Have Much Sparkle

Diamonds are usually known for their high sparkling effect. But it is not the sparkling effect that makes the emerald cut diamonds popular. It is the special effect called the “hall of mirrors” effect which makes these diamonds very popular. This special effect is achieved through the step cut that is made on the diamond which helps to create flashes of light and dark areas on each of the step cuts. But it should be noted that the corner edges of the emerald cut diamond do sparkle.

In a beautifully cut emerald diamond, there will be bright flashes of light in the center and also there will be the sparkling effect on the edges.

Do Not Buy an Emerald Diamond Just by Looking at the Certificate

It is safe to buy any diamonds by looking at the diamond certificate from GIA which will contain all the necessary details you must know about the diamond. But in case of the emerald cut diamond, you must also consult with a person who has a fair idea about diamonds so that he may inspect the diamond visually, before you buy it. By this visual inspection one will be able to find out the inclusions and imperfections that the diamond has.

There are also emerald cut sapphire and emerald cut moissanite engagement rings. They are cheaper compared to the emerald cut diamonds and can be a good option if you love them.

It is very good for you to buy your engagement ring online. But when it is the emerald cut engagement ring that you plan to buy online you need to be more careful. Make sure that you are buying it from a source which has verified the quality of the diamond piece.