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In the film “Crazy Rich Asians”, there is an emerald engagement ring has a big “part” to play. The movie features an entirely Asian-American cast, let’s leave it at that, because no one likes spoilers.

This ring itself, with a green emerald at the center, is worn by Eleanor Young, played by Michelle Yeoh. The ring is specifically portrayed in the sense that it belongs to a woman marrying into a very richer family, and holds a symbolic meaning for contemporary moviegoers. It is one of the most symbolic emerald wedding rings to be found in Hollywood at present.  “The ring shows a sign of respect and acknowledgment. The love and the strength and the sacrifice. At the end of the day, [the ring] is an affirmation of self-worth,” director Jon M. Chu told “The Knot”.

The costume designer, Mary E. Vogt, said Chu saw a ring with a mounted emerald for Eleanor Young from the very beginning, so the actual story of how it came to be part of the film is a doozy one. “Jon Chu, our director, who is fantastic, always said that he saw emerald as Eleanor’s color,” she reflected. “He really felt that it was a very regal color, a very strong color, that it was just something that he associated with Eleanor, that green. And so he thought she should have a green engagement ring.”

The ring Eleanor Young ended up wearing on her finger is actually Michelle Yeoh’s. She chose the large green stone ring because it perfectly captures the over-the-top style of the movie character. The actress said, “It was very important for it to be real. And Eleanor was a character who knew what she wore had to be flawless.”

As per the film’s costume designer, the director imagined an engagement ring modeled after one that former American president John F Kennedy designed for his wife. “He loves that ring,” Mary E. Vogt said. “So the art department got involved with designing this ring, and they made one that was very similar to the JFK-designed ring. But Michelle Yeoh loves simplicity, and she said, ‘Well, you know, I love the idea of emerald. What about this ring?’ And she personally had her engagement ring that she’d designed—and it was also emerald! So we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s perfect.’ So the ring you see in the movie is actually Michelle’s.”

This has already become one of the more popular emerald engagement rings in showbiz, in part because Michelle Yeoh turned up at the 2019 Golden Globes sporting an all-green look.