Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings
Interesting Diamond Facts

You can hardly find a person who does not swoon over the beauty of a gleaming diamond. However, there is more than this inimitable visual appeal to a diamond. Do you know that some diamonds are mined under unfavorable and terrific conditions? On certain areas, diamonds are mined by employing child labors. Additionally, labor exploitation and environmental issues such as deforestation and soil erosion are common when mining diamonds in certain areas. The diamonds that are mined under such unfavorable diamonds are termed as conflict or blood diamonds.

The money raised by selling conflict diamonds is usually used to fund wars and many other anti-social activities. As a result, many countries banned the selling and buying of blood diamonds. People who preach ethical values usually tend to opt-out of such diamonds. Plus, people who are looking for engagement or wedding rings may also tend to opt-out of this.

Note that conflict diamond purchase cannot be justified even if you are getting your desired emerald diamond engagement rings at incredibly affordable price. Here, the emerald cut diamond in your ring is mined literally using the blood and sweat of the labors. After all, who would love to start the beginning of a new and significant journey in their life using something unethical?

Sadly, it is not that easy to tell whether or not a diamond is conflict-free. For this, you will have to go through several steps and still, you cannot guarantee the results. The easiest way for this, however, is to ask questions to the jeweler about the diamond that you choose. Note that a reputed diamond seller must be able to tell details about every phase in the making of a diamond; from its mining to the final polishing and touch-up processes.

In the olden days, buyers, as well as the sellers, were not much concerned about the origin of five diamonds. However, things have changed recently and the issue of blood diamonds has become prominent these days. All thanks to the media and the celebrities who raised the topic and spread awareness about the same among people. As a result, there are currently few systems in the field dedicated to providing necessary information about the origin of diamonds

The concept of traceable diamonds is new to the field, but an efficient tool to stop the flow of blood diamonds in the industry. As the name indicates, the traceable diamonds allow both the diamond dealer and buyer to trace the journey of their diamond from its provenance to the finishing process. Note that the term provenance refers to the origin of a diamond. Furthermore, blood diamonds are mainly mined at war-prone areas such as Africa, Laos, etc. So, it is recommended to stay away from the gemstones mined at those countries.