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Emerald cut diamond flaunts a rich history that is dated back to 300 years. Actually, this unique cut was discovered in order to enhance the color intensity and appeal of emerald gemstones. Note that emeralds tend to showcase their inclusions more when compared to other gemstones. This unique cut is designed to overcome these flaws as well. However, it was soon discovered that the “emerald cut” could do wonders on diamonds as well. This lead to the introduction of charismatic and mesmerizing emerald cut diamonds.

One of the most frequently asked questions here is about the difference between emerald gemstones and emerald cut diamonds. Note that the only similarity between emeralds and emerald cut diamonds is their name and shape. Apart from that, everything including their origin, appearance, and durability is totally different.

There are numerous reasons why gemologists opted to cut a diamond to look like an emerald stone. For starters, the light performance of a diamond can be really enhanced by cutting it in the shape of an emerald stone. The unique faceting pattern and step cuts of an emerald cut diamond will create a mirror-like reflection that is sure to draw the attraction of every person directly towards the stone. This effect cannot be achieved in the standard diamond cuts.

The peculiar elongated silhouette of emerald cut diamonds can make the stones look bigger than its actual carat weight. In fact, an emerald cut ring will look at least 5% bigger than their round counterparts on your finger. This explains the affordability of emerald cut diamond engagement rings when compared to traditional round diamond engagement rings. In addition, the parallel lines in these stones will give a slimmer appeal to the fingers of the wearer.

The emerald diamond cut tends to accentuate the color intensity of colored diamonds as well. No wonder, most celebrities often choose emerald cut colored diamonds for their statement pieces. The most common option, in this case, includes blue diamonds and pink diamonds, because both these options are really expensive.

When you choose an emerald cut ring, you can go down on their color grade a bit too, which will result in a dramatic price difference for sure. However, you must be very careful while choosing an emerald cut design for colorless diamonds. If you are considering diamonds within a color range of D to F, emerald cut diamonds will be a suitable option. On the contrary, it is better to opt out of this cut if your diamonds fall in the color range of H and K, since this unique cut will highlight the color tints in the stones.