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The emerald cut was not always used to shape gem-grade diamonds. In fact, as the name says, it was meant originally for emeralds. It has been here for centuries, and in all that time, there have always been people interested in the finer stones shaped using it. If you have a newfound fancy for an emerald cut diamond, it is best, like in all things, to go forward knowing some of the main pros and cons.

Advantages of the Emerald Cut

  • Larger Appearance: The large steps in this cut make the table appear bigger than it is. Overall, the stone looks bigger as well, which means you would be spending less on an emerald cut stone if size was your top priority.
  • Smooth Surfaces: Where other diamond cuts carry several angles and faces, the emerald cut makes do with a few angled cuts and a large table. The elegance of this design stems from its smoothness, which gives the viewer a better view of the clarity and color aspects of the stone.
  • Vivid Flashes: Despite lacking the same kind of flashy fire one instinctively expects and gets from a round brilliant or princess cut stone, an emerald cut gem exhibits breathtakingly vivid flashes when it is angled in the right way. The closer you get to this, the more beautiful it looks.
  • Unique Design: When you consider the design aspects, an emerald cut diamond is far more unique than your run-of-the-mill stones commonly seen in jewelry stores. It suits the woman that prefers understated and subtle jewelry to gaudy and clunky pieces. Lack of ostentation makes the emerald cut ring classier.
  • Less Expensive: Since it is not as commonly sought after as many of the other cuts, a larger carat stone in this cut would come a lot cheaper. For the same amount of money, you would get a gem of superior quality, plus the satisfaction of having made a wise purchase.
  • Tapered Edges: Since the edges are tapered in the emerald cut, you do not have to worry about your precious sparkler snagging on to cloth or other objects. This also means that where gem setting is concerned, you have a wider variety of options to pick from. There is no need to stick to one of the more secure settings at the expense of gem visibility.
  • Not Trendy: Wondering how this is a good thing? Imagine jumping the wagon and buying, say, a heart shaped stone because everyone was getting something along those lines. Instead, think ahead to 20 years from now, when the cut is no longer trendy, and you lose the love you had for it. The emerald cut diamond is different; it has been around for a long time without significant ups and downs, so if a stone you buy has meaning now, then that meaning is here to stay.

Disadvantages of the Emerald Cut

  • You Need to Get a Stone of Good Color and Clarity: With the emerald cut, you get a larger table, which lets you see right through the diamond and to the other side of it. While this precludes the distractions of multiple facets and angles, which other cuts put up, it also draws the eye more strongly towards any imperfections present in the stone. If you want the center gem on your emerald cut ring to look really good, then you need to pick out and pay for something possessing exceptional color and clarity.
  • It is an Understated Cut, Especially for a Diamond: Glitter and shine are the main things the average guy wants in a stone he buys, and often, this leads to the purchase of an over-the-top design, which despite being extravagant, fulfils the buyer’s original goal. The emerald cut lets you do no such thing, because any beauty it has lies in quiet elegance. If your woman wants something with significant glitz, then an emerald cut diamond is probably not the thing for her.

On the whole, emerald cut ranks right up there with the top diamond shapes. It brings you more diamond on the dollar, and assuming you manage to lay hold on a finer stone, can serve up a veritable eye-turner. In this day and age, understated designs are perceived as classier, and the emerald cut ring stretches your benefits by making the stone look bigger as well.

If you and your sweetheart are all right with the downsides mentioned above, then an emerald cut diamond may just be your best center stone option for the engagement ring. Just be sure to research it in detail before buying, and insist on a grading report from a reputed lab such as GIA. That way, you would know that you are not being scammed, at least as far as the gem is concerned.