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An emerald cut diamond has step-cut faceting and elongated shape, and it exudes elegance and refinement. As the name suggests, this diamond is cut into a shape similar to an emerald gemstone. The emerald shaped diamond is great for one who is more understated, who skews towards the traditional with an edge. Now, let us take a look at some of the celebrity engagement rings with emerald shaped diamonds.

The singer cum actress Jennifer Lopez is more of a gemstone engagement ring influencer. Her most popular piece is the one with a pink diamond from actor Ben Affleck, which started a trend towards colored gemstones. Recently, she got an engagement ring from baseball player Alex Rodriguez that may have created a craze for the emerald cut diamond. Jennifer Lopez’s piece is among the most popular emerald engagement rings in the world.

The lady singer Beyoncé also has one, as does Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, and Amal Clooney. Emerald cut diamond is yet to reach the popularity of a princess or round cut stone, but it continues to gain ground.

The choice of the emerald shape says a great deal about the wearer’s tastes. It is for those who want something classic yet different. An emerald cut diamond is not faceted for as much as sparkle as round and other shapes, but it often appeals to self-assured women who celebrate understated elegance.

It sounds tailor-made for J Lo, and the other notable celebrities who have chosen this diamond. Grace Kelley wore a ring with a 10 carat emerald shaped diamond in the film “High Society”. Prince Ranier of Monaco gave this ring to her.

Elizabeth Taylor was so much in love with her engagement ring from movie producer Michael Todd that she could not resist rocking it on her finger. She termed it “my ice skating rink.” When someone told her that it should rather be in a museum, she replied to the contrary. Her words were more revealing than her jewelry and it went like the following.

“I disagree with you. When I wear it anyone can look at it and I’ll let anybody try it on. So more people have probably touched this stone, seen the beauty in the pure sunshine or when it sparkles at night. Anyone who is around me can see it up close. Isn’t that better than putting it in a museum?”

Initially, Liz Taylor wore it on her engagement ring finger, and insisted that it was just a “friendship ring.” However, the producer confirmed it was one for their engagement, and put an end to all the rumors surrounding it.

Brad Pitt spent a long time designing an emerald diamond ring for his then to-be-fiancée Angelina Jolie. The platinum ring boasts a 7.0-carat emerald shaped diamond at the center, which is accented with the same shaped tapered diamonds around the band.

Anne Hathaway also has one given by her actor fiancé Adam Shulman in 2011. The approximated price of that custom-made emerald engagement ring is $150,000 or so. The emerald shaped gemstone is of 6 carats, which is big enough to be the centerpiece of a celebrity’s ring.

Hilton’s from Greek film shipping heir, producer and socialite Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis also features in the list of most famous emerald engagement rings of all time. He bought it for a price of $4.7 million, as per reports. The weight of the stone was 24 carats. Paris Hilton reportedly auctioned it off for $2 million to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Because she did this for charity, it set an example for other American celebrities to follow.

The emerald diamond is the cut for a true jewelry lover. Some perceive it as purer, clearer and a more personal option than the traditional round brilliant cut diamond. Because of its simple faceting arrangement at the top, it gives the wearer a clear view of the ‘heart’ of the stone.

The shape can be customized to fit the one who wears it. Some consider it to be slightly more unique than round shaped diamond as it comes in a wide range of cuts and shapes to suit different tastes and personalities. It can be a tennis court- or swimming pool-shaped – more squarish- or rectangular, each one with its own unique faceting arrangement. On the other hand, round brilliant diamonds are cut into similar proportions, and these stones lack these kinds of variations.

For these reasons, an emerald-shaped diamond is not for everyone. It takes a great deal of looking into the various cuts and shapes to acquire the stone that is well-suited to you. Rectangular and square emerald cut diamonds vary in their suitableness, depending on how elongated a woman’s finger appears to be. What one likes in a photo might not look appropriate on her finger.