Rectangle Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut
Ring Style Tips

Certain shapes and styles of an engagement ring diamond suit certain finger types. We are not saying that you should fully disregard her favorite style. We are just saying that it is worth keeping the following guidelines in mind when you shop for an engagement ring. This way, you will find the jewelry piece of her preference that looks and feels great upon her finger.

For Longer Fingers

Shapes that are elongated are an excellent match for long finger types. Oval, marquise, pear, cushion, and emerald cut diamonds are all fabulous options. All of these will emphasize her finger’s length and will make her hands appear even more beautiful and graceful. Ring designs with more than three similar-sized diamonds running across the metal band often do not look as flattering upon longer fingers. While she will be able to achieve this look if it is what she wants, maybe it is better to think about a style with a bigger centerpiece gem and smaller accent or side stones.

For Wider Fingers

There are a lot of styles which do not just ‘work’ on wide fingers, but these look downright fabulous. Bigger hands could just pull off larger diamonds, in addition to more complex settings or wider bands. Split shanks look fantastic, as do extremely embellished bands. With regard to shapes, elongated gemstones set east-west is the way to go.

For Shorter Fingers

Several brides complain about having short and stubby fingers since, regardless of what the shape or style, rings look awful on their finger. This is not necessarily the case. You may wish to avoid chunky ring styles and wide bands – while these will not be flattering, there are plenty which will look great on her finger. Solitaires in the vast majority of shapes are often a good bet, plus a delicate band will help get the look of a much longer finger than what it already is. It is best to stay away from intricate Art Deco styles and cluster rings, but if either of that is what she wants, by all means go for it.

For Slender Fingers

If your bride-to-be has slender fingers, the good news is that just about any shape and style will do for her. However, you may wish to avoid overly big diamonds and designs as these will make those lovely fingers look smaller. At best, the engagement ring could not be comfortable for her to rock on her finger. At worst, the piece will look ridiculous on her petite hand. That aside, anything from conventional solitaire diamonds to on-trend stacked pieces will go with slender fingers.