Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emeralds cut diamonds are one of the most elegant cuts of diamonds. Its step cut design and mirror like facets are suitable for both traditional and modern ring settings. Moreover, it is very popular among people because of its low cost and variant designs. If you are looking for a diamond cut for your engagement ring, it would be better to choose emerald cut diamonds because it is simple and attractive at the same time. Some of the most common ring settings that can be used along with emerald cut diamonds are as follows.

Prong Setting

It is one of the most popularly used ring settings used in diamond rings. The main advantage of this setting is that, it will deceive the viewer’s eyes by appearing it larger than its actual size. It is also opted by many people because this setting will allow them to clean and maintain the ring easily and it will also allow them to use it as a daily wear. Since the sides of this ring are open, it will increase the sparkling effect of the stone.

Halo Setting

It is a setting or design in which a stone will be placed on the center and several small diamonds around them. It is one of the best options for emerald cut diamonds. This setting will bring sparkling effect to the stone by appearing the whole setting as a single stone. This setting will also enhance the attraction of the mirror like face of the center stone. However, it is more expensive than other settings due to the complexity of design and also because the number of stones used.

Three Stone Setting

It is a setting used in a diamond ring that gives a lot of opportunity for customization to the users. The buyer can decide whether the stones used are in same size or in different sizes, the color of the stone and also the shapes of the diamond. A three stone ring with a combination of emerald cut and radiant cut diamonds are very attractive and popular due to the combination of brilliant cut and step cut. However, it can also become expensive depending on the stones chosen by the buyer.

The above mentioned are some of the popular ring settings that goes well with emerald cut diamonds. Not only the above three settings, almost all the settings can be used with emerald cut because it is adaptive to both classic and modern styles.