Have plans of buying a diamond but stuck with the decision process to select the right cut? Go for emerald cut diamonds if you want something classy and elegant that makes you stand out in the crowd. The name of the cut generates curiosity and the fact that emerald cut was earlier used exclusively for emerald stones explains how it got the name. Emerald cut diamond is one that you do not get to see every day and no other diamond cut has the emerald cut’s vintage beauty. Here are a few tips that help you choose the perfect emerald cut diamond.

Be Sure Of The Cut Quality

There is no GIA grading for the cut of emerald shaped diamonds because GIA only grades the symmetry and polish of the diamond. So how do you decide the quality of your emerald shape diamond? Two crucial factors, namely depth and table decides the quality of the cut.

Depth– Dividing the diamond’s depth by its width gives you the value of depth and depth percentage is crucial in deciding how well the diamond has been cut. Always look for a diamond with depth percentage in the range of 60-67%. A low depth percentage indicates that the diamond will appear bigger than its normal size but when the diamond is too shallow, its light performance gets affected.

Table- The division operation of the table facet width by the diamond width gives the value of the table and a table percentage of 61-68 % is usually recommended.

Look Out For Extinction And Windowing

Windowing and extinction decide how light interacts with the diamond and they compromise the quality of the emerald cut diamond. Windowing is found in diamonds that were not cut well and results in the formation of large spaces in the stone and we can see through the diamond as we see through a window.

To test your stone for windowing, hold it up and place a finger beneath it to check if you are able to see through it. If you see your finger clearly through the stone, it is indicative of lacking capability of the stone to retain light.

Extinction is associated with darkened areas in the stone that become more visible while viewing the stone straight up. Extinction is common in emerald type diamonds cut with high depth percentages and the stones are almost devoid of reflecting properties thereby compromising its beauty.

Select The Color Grade Of Your Choice

The emerald cuts have clear and clean lines, which is why they show color unlike brilliant cuts and you have options in color grade. The color grades range from D to Z and as you go up on the color grade scale, the diamonds turn from colorless to colored.

The extent to which diamonds show color depends on their carat weight too and experts recommend the selection of better color grades when the carat weight is high.

Selection Of The Clarity Grade

The features of emerald cut diamonds make it easier for us to notice the flaws and inclusions in the diamond making the clarity choice very important. The method of light reflection by the facets can make a single flaw look like multiple flaws, which undermine the beauty of the diamond.

The price of emerald cut diamond increases with clarity grade and if your budget permits, you can choose the highest clarity grade. Clarity grading is more like a general guideline but it does not mention the location of the imperfections making the thorough inspection of the diamond very important.

Selecting The Appropriate Length To Width Ratio

You can select a length to width ratio according to your shape choice. Most of the emerald cut diamonds are rectangular and are preferred by many but some prefer square shape too. To calculate the length to width ratio, divide the diamond’s length by its width and rectangular shapes have a length to width ratio greater than 1 while the ratio of square shapes is nearly equal to 1.

Selecting A Setting That Matches The Cut

Emerald shapes are well known for its clarity and to contrast this beautifully, you can choose a halo setting for the diamond.

Choosing An Online Diamond Retailer

Whether you choose to buy diamonds from an online retailer or a physical store, the rules are almost the same. Do some research and make sure that the retailer is specialized in the business and is reputable.

Price Of Emerald Cuts

People would predict a high price for emerald cut diamonds because they require high color and clarity grading but the prediction is wrong. Emerald shape is about 35% cheaper than round cut diamonds and if you are looking for a diamond option that fits your moderate budget, you can go for emerald cut.

You have to do your research and have to attend to even the slightest details when it comes to the purchase of a diamond. Following the tips discussed above would be of great help if you have decided to buy an emerald cut diamond.