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Among the different types of diamond engagement rings, round-cut diamond rings are the more popular ones. This is mainly due to their captivating sparkle and brilliance. Having said that, emerald-cut halo engagement rings are surging in popularity because of their elegance and timeless beauty. While round-cut diamonds sparkle and shine, emerald-cut diamonds have a subtle look with sharp flashes. The purpose of this article is to explore more about modern classic emerald-cut halo engagement rings; read ahead to know more about them.

What Is An Emerald-Cut Halo Engagement Ring?

The emerald-cut halo engagement ring is a style where an emerald-cut diamond is set in a halo setting. This helps to enhance the elegance and timeless beauty of the ring. Also, this style is becoming popular among the younger brides-to-be. This is mainly because the emerald-cut halo engagement ring is worn by celebrities.

What To Consider Before Getting Emerald-Cut Halo Engagement Rings?

When buying emerald-cut halo engagement rings, there is no need to worry about the purchase going wrong. That said, you must be aware of certain things before making the final decision. You must know that the emerald-cut diamond sparkles and shines in a slightly different way. This is because the step cuts used in it make the light reflect in a slightly different way. As a result of this, you can see the flash when you bring the stone to a light source. Moreover, step cuts have lower brilliance, but they easily reveal the clarity of the stone. So, you must invest in an emerald-cut diamond with no visible inclusions.

In an emerald-cut halo engagement ring, for the halo part, smaller brilliant-cut diamonds are used. So, you get the flashes of a step-cut stone with the sparkle and brilliance of brilliant-cut stones. Some people may not like this style and they can opt for step-cut side stones like baguettes; this gives you a three-stone engagement ring setting.

What Are The Available Choices For Emerald-Cut Halo Engagement Rings?

Emerald Pave Halo Diamond Engagement RingIn this style, the center stone is enclosed with pave accent diamonds that appear to be large in size. The accent diamonds are used on both the halo and on the band of the ring. This allows you to choose a smaller center stone, i.e., of smaller carat weight, but it can still look bigger.

These are the significant factors that you must be aware of, before buying emerald-cut halo diamond engagement rings, and we hope that the aforementioned details were useful.