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Emerald Cut Diamond
Diamond Cut Facts

Diamonds are quantified on the basis of four characteristics that are collectively known as the 4 C’s of diamonds. These attributes are the cut, clarity, color grade, and the carat weight of the diamond. However, untrained eyes will not be able to figure out these qualities by themselves. Rather, they have to rely on an authenticity certificate in order to determine such attributes of diamonds.

When it comes to non-professional buyers, the main thing that they look for in a diamond is its brilliance and shape. Here, diamond shape is more important since it will really influence the size, design, brilliance, and even the cost of the diamond rings. Note that there are more than ten diamond shapes available out there today, and it will be quite overwhelming for you to pick one. In order to help you out with this, below are the two most popular diamond shapes to choose, along with their upsides and downsides.

Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are the most popular shape so far. In fact, many studies in the field claim that around 75% of the total manufactured diamonds are round in shape. This is mainly because of the excellent light performance the round diamonds boast. Additionally, round diamonds are perfect to suit any type of diamond setting, metal choice, and finger type. If you set a round diamond with even a plain metal setting, it will be eye-catching enough to stand out from the crowd. However, round diamonds are extremely expensive because of their popularity and the cutting process.

Emerald Diamond Shape

Emerald cut stones are one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes. As the name indicates, this unique shape was created to cut emerald stone so as to bring out its captivating beauty and color. Nevertheless, it was later used in almost every gemstone because of its immense popularity. The main highlight of the emerald cut diamond is that it tends to accentuate the clarity of a diamond rather than its brilliance. Hence, emerald wedding rings are the perfect option for all the brides who prefer a mirror-like reflection rather than a scintillating sparkle. Choosing emerald diamond rings is the best way to get the maximum bang for your bucks since this unique shape will make your diamonds look bigger. The elongated silhouette of an emerald cut diamond is the perfect option to enhance the appeal of short fingers as well. However, you will have to choose emerald diamonds of higher clarity grade since its unique cut tends to highlight the inclusions in the stone. Plus, it requires great skills and patience to cut emerald-shaped diamonds.