Emerald cut diamond
Interesting Diamond Facts

The cut of a diamond is a vital factor that can directly affect its visual appeal. There are many diamond cuts that may look similar in shape such as a radiant and emerald cut diamond. However, there are many notable differences as well between the cut patterns of these two options. In order to get some in-depth details regarding the same, you may refer to the points given below.

Emerald Diamond Cut

The emerald diamond cut features a rectangular silhouette with truncated corners. The main attraction of emerald cut stones is their linear facets that run parallel to the girdle or the edge of the diamond. Even though emerald diamond cut is categorized as step diamond cuts, it is one of the brilliant options. Usually, people who prefer something unique, outstanding, and bold often go for emerald engagement rings.

Radiant Diamond Cut

The radiant diamond cut, on the other hand, boasts either a rectangular or square shape. Similarly, radiant cut diamonds possess tapered corners so as to address the chipping and scratch issues that occur when an external force hits the edges of a diamond like emerald cut diamonds. 

The Differences

The most notable difference between a radiant and emerald cut diamond is when it comes to the way both diamonds are cut. Emerald diamond rings come under the step cut category and hence, a viewer can easily see through such diamonds because of its unique faceting pattern. In the case of radiant cut diamonds, it is crafted as a mixed cut. In other words, the radiant diamond cut is a blend of step and brilliant cut faceting pattern. Usually, the edges or the outline of radiant cut diamonds tend to boast step cut facets and the table and the pavilion of these diamonds are likely to feature brilliantly cut facets.

When it comes to the shape of facets, it is linear or rectangular and runs parallel to each other as well as the girdle of stone in the case of emerald cut diamonds. For radiant cut diamonds, the facets are ideally designed in triangular and some other non-rectangular shapes. Plus, these facets will not be arranged in a parallel manner. Hence, you can easily spot the difference between radiant and emerald engagement rings by closely comparing the faceting pattern of stones in both the rings.

Radiant cut diamonds are also designed in a way to enhance their sparkle or brilliance. On the contrary, emerald cut stones are not crafted keeping the objective of extraordinary brilliance in mind. Rather, it is designed to augment the color intensity as well as the clarity of the diamonds.