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The cut of a diamond is the most distinguishing factor that makes it appealing and an extraordinary jewelry piece. After all, the cut directly affects the light performance and, in turn, the sparkle of a diamond. Speaking of the diamond cuts, two of the most popular options include the cushion and emerald diamond cut. Since both these diamond cuts are quite popular as well as alluring, it can be a bit challenging for you to zero in on a particular option. In fact, some amateur diamond ring buyers often get confused between a cushion and an emerald cut diamond because of their similarity in shape. In order to help you out with this, a detailed comparison between a cushion and an emerald cut diamond is given below.

Both cushion and emerald cut diamond comes under fancy diamond cuts and features almost similar silhouettes. Still, there are some notable differences between these two exquisite diamond cuts. Note that emerald cut diamonds feature step cut or parallel facets. Plus, its facets are flat when compared to other diamond cuts. As a result, you can clearly see the illuminating flat surface of an emerald cut diamond right through its opaque exterior. Additionally, emerald cut diamonds feature a charismatic mirror-like reflection rather than a resplendent sparkle. In simple words, any flaws or inclusions in an emerald cut diamond will be evident. Hence, it is recommended to consider higher clarity grade when you buy an emerald diamond ring. Note that an emerald cut diamond ring will be a perfect option for all the couples who prefer something extremely elegant and dramatic at the same time.

When it comes to cushion cut diamonds, it is categorized under brilliant cuts. Hence, it features a scintillating brilliance, unlike emerald cut diamonds. Additionally, the facets of cushion cut diamonds will be compactly packed to offer supreme sparkle. Even though you can compromise on the clarity grade of a cushion cut diamond to an extent, never go lower when it comes to its cut since it may end up in a crushed ice appeal. Usually, cushion cut diamonds are more expensive than their emerald cut counterparts. Besides, there are different cut options available under the cushion diamond cut including modified, classic, chunky, large or no culets, broken glass, old minders, and rectangular. When it comes to an ideal diamond setting for cushion cut diamonds, the halo is the most popular one and is perfect to complement any person irrespective of their personality and style.