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Radiant Cut
Radiant Cut Diamond

The shape of your diamond is very important in determining the overall style and appearance. It can also affect the price, sparkle, and design of your engagement ring. For example, those who love classic choice will go for a round cut diamond, whereas those who love contemporary style will choose a princess cut more likely.

Radiant cut diamonds are the ones that are less known in the industry when compared to round or princess cut diamonds. However, it is the diamond which has some excellent features that will be loved by everyone.

History And Basic Features

The radiant cut diamond is a stone in square or rectangle shape, with eight sides and corners which are cut. Henry Grossbard patented it in the 1970s, and from then on, the diamond became popular around the world. The outstanding feature of a radiant cut diamond is that it combines the qualities of emerald cut and round brilliant cut.  The crown of the diamond is a step cut, and the pavilion is a brilliant cut. A person who views a radiant cut diamond can see the outline of an emerald cut diamond, whereas the sparkle will resemble that of the round brilliant cut.

The radiant cut stones have 53 or 70 facets, which make them rated high on the sparkle scale. For square shaped radiant cuts, the perfect length to width ratio will be 1 to 1.05, and for rectangle shaped radiant cuts it will be 1 to 1.15 or more.

Some Speciality Of Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant cut diamonds usually appear to be clearer than other diamond cuts. This is not real because there are inclusions in the diamond cut. However, the inclusions are not easily noticed, and hence, the diamond will be thought to have a higher clarity. This is because of the large number of facets that the diamond cut has.

Radiant cut diamonds are more durable because they do not have sharp corners like that of the princess cut diamonds. Hence, those who do a lot of work with their hands can use it. The radiant cut diamonds have greater depth, and hence, the diamond will have an elevated position on your finger. This will help the diamond in capturing more amount of light.

You may design your radiant diamond engagement ring in a very creative way. Though it is good to have it as a solitaire ring, you may improve the design as you wish. You can have multiple stones on the ring to have a more subtle look.