Rectangle Engagement Ring
Rectangle Engagement Ring
Rectangle Engagement Ring

Caring for your ring in a better way is important to maintain its shine and beauty for years. Not taking care of your ring can cause dirt and oil to get accumulated inside its crevices and on the surface of the gemstones. This can reduce the brilliance and appeal of your engagement ring. You should be careful to take better care of your ring, especially, if you have a rectangle engagement ring. Some rectangular diamond rings like princess-cut engagement rings are highly vulnerable to damage. So it is important for you to maintain them in a better way.

Some tips for you to take good care of your ring are mentioned below:

Use Mild Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your ring regularly is important to get rid of the oil and dirt accumulated on its surface. You have to clean your ring at least once a week to keep it stunning and sparkly. But when cleaning your ring on your own, make sure to use mild cleaning agents. Dish wash liquid mixed with warm water is one of the best options to clean your ring.

After soaking the ring in the cleaning solution for a few minutes, scrub it with a soft brush to remove the dirt and oil effectively. After rinsing the ring, dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Schedule Professional Cleaning

Taking your ring to a jeweler can help to clean it professionally. In addition to cleaning, they can also examine the ring under magnification to ensure that the prongs are secure and there are no loose stones. Additionally, your jeweler can also check for cracks and chips in the gemstone. Taking your ring to a jeweler to clean it professionally at least twice a year is recommended by experts.

Avoid Chemicals

It is extremely important to avoid your ring coming into contact with chemicals. Chemicals present in lotions, perfumes, and sunscreen can leave residues on the ring thereby contributing to potential damage. So, remove your ring before applying them to protect the ring from chemicals.

Get Insurance

Most people do not give much importance to getting insurance for their diamond rings. But getting insurance for your ring helps you to get compensation if your ring is damaged, lost, or stolen.

You can also use a “backup” ring to wear regularly instead of your original engagement ring. Having a ring that is less valuable than the engagement ring can be beneficial for you, as you can wear it without worrying about losing the ring.