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Radiant Cut
Diamond-Cut Facts

Cushion cut and radiant cut are two of the most popular diamond shapes that are now ruling the diamond market. However, the most popular is the elongated variations of these two cuts as elongated shapes of diamonds offer a larger face-up appearance. They offer a flattering look at all hand shapes. Both of these are rectangular. Here are some common aspects of the comparison of cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds. 


There are several different ratios available in the market for cushion cut diamonds. They are perfect squares and have a ratio of 1.0. The most elongated cushion rings are found to be in the ratio of 1.1. Any shape which is longer than that could have an oval shape and is rarer. 

Radiant cut diamonds also come in a variety of ratios. Radiant cut diamonds are more likely to get away with much more elongated shapes and appearance than cushion cut diamonds. 

Cut Comparison

Cushion cuts have soft appearance due to their rounded edges. It can give out a sparkly appearance also if it is cut well. Cushion brilliant style cuts often have large facets which help in featuring bright flashes of light.

Radiant cut diamonds have glittery sparkle which features smaller facets. They also have cut corners that help in featuring the straight edges of the stone. The straight outline and crisp lines give a clean and modern look to the diamond. 

Quality Comparison

Both cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds can hide the color and imperfections very well. If the diamond is clean to the eye, the minimum color is left at J and the clarity is left at SI2. 

Weight Distribution

Cushion cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds tend to distribute their weight differently. An elongated cushion cut diamond can be wider whereas a radiant cut diamond can be slimmer. This mostly depends on the type of diamond you select. Elongated two-carat cushion cut diamonds might measure 8mm x 7mm. For having a more slender appearance, an elongated radiant cut diamond, by comparison, can measure 8.5 mm x 6.55 mm. 

The Verdict

Radiant cut diamonds can be a great choice for people who would like to occupy more space on their fingers. But for people who love to have a softer appearance, an elongated cushion ring can be the better choice. If you feel like both of these styles may be too much on your finger, you can search online through thousands of GIA Certified diamonds in a variety of other shapes and styles, some more classic like round cut or princess cut to be sure you are selecting your perfect diamond.