Radiant Cut Ring
Radiant Cut

Henry Grossbard, who was a famous diamond cutter, discovered the radiant cut in the middle of the 1970s. The radiant cut was originally intended to bring together the best features of the emerald cut and the round brilliant cut. Hence the brilliance of a radiant cut diamond is exquisite and worth noticing. It is also a deep cut with around 70 facets. The diamond appears square, but with rounded edges.

Here are some of the important pros and cons of a radiant cut diamond.

Pros of a Radiant Cut Diamond

• A radiant cut diamond has amazing brilliance, which is its main highlighting factor. It makes a person wearing it to stand out in the crowd. It outshines all other kinds of diamond cuts. If you wear a radiant cut diamond engagement ring, you are sure to get the compliments of many people around you.

• The radiant cut diamond has rounded edges and hence, there is no chance of the diamond being stuck on clothes or hair. You will be able to do the household chores while wearing the ring, which will otherwise demand you to remove the ring for its protection. You can also do your hair without being worried about the diamond getting caught on the hair.

• The rounded corners of the stone also prevent the breaking of the diamond along the edges. The prongs are strong and hold the stone perfectly in place, with no chance for the diamond to fall off the ring.

• The radiant cut is very versatile in that it can go well in any kind of setting. It is beautiful as a solitaire stone and can also be used in pave or halo settings, along with other diamond cuts.

Cons of a Radiant Cut Diamond

• Though there are plenty of fancy colored diamonds available in radiant cut, white diamonds that are radiant cut are rarely available. You may not always find the ideal radiant cut diamond you might be looking for.

• The radiant cut diamond has a deep cut, and it helps in hiding its flaws and inclusions. However, the deep cut also gives a smaller appearance to the stone. Your radiant cut diamond may not appear large like some other diamond cut.

The pros of a radiant cut diamond outnumber its cons, and hence the public loves it greatly. The brilliance of the cut is incomparable, which gives it an everlasting appeal. If you are on a limited budget to buy an engagement ring, a radiant cut diamond engagement ring can be the ideal choice for you.