Emerald Cut Diamond
Emerald Cut
Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement rings are more of an everlasting and special commitment over your standard investment purchase, but these are subject to trends.

Gemstones have gone through many trendy ebbs and flows, including the fall and comeback of some colors as well as setting switches. If you have an eye to an engagement next year, whether your partner knows it or not, knowing what is very fashionable can be useful for you.

Geometric Halos

The conventional halo remains to be an eternally classic style, but 2020 will see women embracing slight variations. People are pretty happy to mix the halo up with other shapes to give their ring a little more adventurous design.

A particularly adventurous one is the geometric style halo, which incorporates emerald cut and square cut gemstones set around the edge of the setting.

Emerald Cut

It is unsurprising to learn that diamonds cut into the shape of an emerald gemstone, will not be going anywhere soon. This Art Deco-inspired diamond shape is a timeless option for modern brides, who want to have a classic and clean-lined engagement ring.

Pastel Gemstones

Will next year see conventional gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds make way for relatively more pastel takes, such as teal sapphires, morganite and tourmaline? Some gemstone experts think so.

Colored gems are quite popular even today. There has been a move away from blue and pink sapphires, party sapphires and rubies to a more pastel-colored gem. Morganites are featured a lot on social media, so these have gained plenty of popularity. Tourmalines are also pretty popular because these are found in a wide range of colors, which leave the customers spoiled for choice.

Custom Made Pieces

In the event off-the-shelf jewelry is not for you, then next year will be the ideal time to accept a custom ring. Jewelers are embracing a personalized experience, including more one-on-one consulting sessions and flexibility in design than before.

Pear Cut

This is another diamond shape, which will continue to be popular among customers. Pear-cut diamonds are becoming more and more popular because of their extraordinary shape, which can help showcase both the personality and individual style of the wearer. These diamonds also have a big coverage, meaning a two-carat pear diamond appears bigger compared to a cushion-cut counterpart.