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Emerald cut engagement rings are much treasured in the diamond industry for their timeless, versatile, and elegant designs. If you are confused in selecting the engagement ring for you, the below guide on the unique characteristics of the emerald cut diamonds, their advantages and disadvantages, and the best stone setting can help you make your choice.

Unique Characters of Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is a fancy cut that is also known as the step cut. Emerald cut has been in existence since well over 300 years and it was specifically used for emerald stones originally. Later, it was found that the cut looked real captivating on other types of precious stones like diamonds.

This type of cut will offer you a shallow rectangular diamond of gemstone and the stone will have an average of fifty-eight facets. In this type of cut, the facets are large and can lead to bright flashes when light is reflected by the polished facets of the diamond.

In case of emerald stones, length to width ratio will be more than 1.25. Most of the classic emerald cut diamonds has a length to width ratio of about 1.35. However, the more rectangular and longer ones will have a ratio of more than 1.40.

Pros of Emerald Cut Diamonds

Experts say that the emerald cut is a much versatile gemstone cut as it looks really stunning on diamonds and other precious stones. Another advantage of this cut is that it can be styled in any design; the solitaire emerald cut engagement rings are much popular in the diamond industry. The solitaire emerald cut engagement rings are popular as those made with pave baguette or side stones around the ring’s band.

Some of the most popular engagement ring styles that can be really stunning in this type of cut include emerald cut sapphire engagement rings. Other affordable gemstones that look great in emerald cut include aquamarine, ruby, and citrine. The tapered edges of the emerald cut diamond rings are very safe and are not prone to chipping or catching. The emerald cut engagement rings are really flattering on long and slender fingers.

Another advantage of the emerald cut is that they are much more affordable that the other fancy cut diamonds and most of them will be available half the price of a brilliant diamond that is of comparable size.