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Many have elegant engagement rings with sparkling diamonds. To keep these stones in a sparkling condition for years to come, you will have to clean it regularly. The piece is elegant when clean diamonds set in it sparkle. Are you wondering how to go about cleaning it? This guide will arm you with sufficient knowledge about this matter.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

Do you wear your diamond ring frequently? If you do, we suggest cleaning the piece once or twice a month. It is also a good idea to take your ring to a professional cleaning service provider twice a year.

By keeping your jewelry piece clean, you will be able to notice potential issues that arise from usual wear. From daily wear, the structure of your piece can be comprised, plus bi-annual cleaning means you are less likely to face diamond loss, because you are made aware of your ring’s integrity regularly.

Do Diamond Rings Have to Be Cleaned by a Professional?

We touched upon this earlier, but we feel the need to reiterate why a diamond ring has to be professionally cleaned from time to time. If you wear it each day, you will likely have an accumulation of oil, soaps and dirt on your ring.

Cleaning it at home is great and it will keep your diamonds shining. Besides that, have your engagement ring professionally cleaned once every six months. Trust us; the additional TLC from professionals is worth it.

Check with the store you bought it from: often, jewelers provide free engagement ring cleaning service.

Do Different Diamond Shapes Have Different Cleaning Approaches?

The short answer is yes, they do. Diamonds cut in some shapes, and how these are set in rings, can make these more fragile or durable.

For example, round shaped diamonds are considered durable than other cuts, yet prong settings are prone to snag on clothing and to damage. Pear, marquise and princess cut diamonds are usually more prone to chipping when these are bumped against something. Both uniqueness of a ring setting or claws and shape characteristics have to be considered when cleaning.

Which Items Should You Utilize to Clean a Diamond Ring?

To quickly get rid of skin oils and smudges, we suggest that you use a lint-free cloth for diamonds. When you need to clean it more intensively, it is fine to use just a toothbrush with very soft bristles. You may have warm water and dishwashing soap, the ingredients to create your own cleaning solution at home. We are not going deep into this process, as it is best that you learn it step-by-step from elsewhere.