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The emerald cut is considered to be one of the most elegant diamond cuts available. In fact, it is one of the first fancy diamond cuts, which emerged after the round cut. Today, emerald cut engagement rings are among the most popular shapes in the market, be it featuring a diamond or any other gemstone. Below are some of the salient features of the emerald cut for diamonds.

The Origins and Popularity of Emerald Cut

The emerald cut diamond was derived from the first diamond cut, the table cut. This can be traced back to 1400 AD. With the advancement of diamond cutting techniques, gemological experts created a culet face at the bottom of the stones. It was discovered that the diamonds reflected the light back out through the facets. Hence, more facets were added to the diamonds and thus the step cut was born.

Later, the diamond cutters realized that if the corners of the stones were carefully cut, it boosted the durability of the stones. Above all, it reduced the chances of chipping. This was important particularly for soft emerald gemstones, from where the cut’s name was born.

Modern emerald cut diamonds are characterized by 58 facets and 3 rows of steps on the crown and the pavilion. The imperfections are easily visible if the table is larger. Therefore, it is advised to be very careful before buying emerald cut diamonds of low clarity. These inclusions are easily spotted by the eyes.

The large table and the deep pavilion easily draw the light and your attention to the core. This, in turn, intensifies the color. As a result of this phenomenon, emeralds and other gemstones are made into this shape.

The emerald cut is one of the most dramatic and sophisticated cuts in use today. The characteristic long lines of this cut make the fingers look elongated, while maintaining the elegance all the while.

The best thing about the emerald cut is that it enhances the richness of the diamond. This is also called the hall of mirrors effect in diamonds. It is mainly caused by deep corners and strong facets, which create flashes of light, giving it the sparkle.

Furthermore, they appear larger than the other diamond cuts which also makes it a popular option. A 1 carat emerald cut has 5% higher surface area than a round cut diamond of the same weight. When this feature is combined with the unique elegance that the emerald cut boasts, it becomes an ideal choice for you. All these make emerald cut diamonds the perfect match for your special occasion.