Antique Diamond Ring
Antique Diamond Ring
Antique Diamond Ring

A diamond ring that was made at least 50 years before can be classified as an antique diamond ring. The age of a diamond ring can be determined by examining the characteristics of the diamond. The characteristics include motif, gem cutting styles, etc. The metal used to fix the diamond into the ring can also be used to determine the age of the diamond ring. Read along to know the history of antique diamond rings.

The Georgian Period (1700-1830)

The main style of this period is repoussé. Repoussé included complicated metal work and the theme of jewelry was inspired by nature. The motifs used included the shape of butterflies, flowers, etc. The gem cutting styles prominent in this period were table cut, rose cut, and old mine cuts. Along with diamond, emerald and amber were also popular. Rings belonging to this period are very rare.

The Victorian Era (1837-1901)

This era is again classified into three different periods by jewelry historians. The classification includes the Early Victorian, Mid Victorian, and Late Victorian eras. Motifs used in the Early Victorian era were snakes, angels, crosses, etc. Rose-cut, Old mine cut and step cuts were the main gem-cutting styles used.

In the Mid-Victorian era, the use of geometric patterns as motifs started. Gem-cutting techniques were the same as the ones used in the Early Victorian period.

The rings became lighter in the Late Victorian period. Also, platinum metal was introduced for ring making in this era. The motifs used in this era were the crescent shape of the moon, horseshoe, oak leaf, etc. Old mine cut and rose-cut diamonds were popular in this era.

The Art Nouveau Period (1895-1915)

Motifs used in this era were mostly nature-inspired. Fluid lines were also used as motifs. Old mine cuts and old European cuts were the dominant gem cutting styles in this era. Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, and small diamonds were popular in the Art Nouveau period.

The Edwardian Period (1901-1914)

Rings belonging to this period have hallmarks that indicate the purity of the metal used. Nature-inspired motifs like flowers, leaves, stars, and the moon were the motifs used in this period. Mother of pearl, sapphire, ruby, and diamonds were the popular gemstones.

The Art Deco Period (1920-1930)

Art Deco antique diamond rings are most popular in the diamond ring market. These rings have bold geometric patterns. Old mine cut, old European cut, and step-cut were used in this period. In this era, white gold, silver, and platinum were used for making rings.