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Cushion cut for diamonds is one of the very old cuts used for diamonds. In the earlier days, it was known as the old mine cut and later it came to be known as the cushion cut. The present-day cushion cut diamonds are considered as a mix up of the old mine cut and the oval cut. The cushion cut is also known as the pillow cut or the candlelight cut.

Cushion cut diamonds have a square or rectangle shape, with rounded corners and flat facets. The cushion cut, though it went down in the diamond market in the past, has gained much love and significance recently. Many celebrities use the cushion cut diamonds on their rings.

Pros Of Cushion Cut Diamond rings

Popularity: The most important advantage of the cushion cut diamond is that it is gaining popularity in the present. The cushion cut diamonds are of very high demand in the diamond industry now. This is a major comeback and it is sure that these diamonds are going to stay in the industry in the future. One can expect it to stand the test of time. While many other cuts of diamonds are not stable regarding their popularity and acceptance, the cushion cut diamonds will undoubtedly, be loved all the time.

Blunt Edges: Cushion cut diamonds do not have the sharp edges as in many other diamond cuts. Hence, there is no risk of the ring to be caught on the hair or the clothes, which may lead to the wear out of the diamond. Usually, it becomes necessary for women to remove the ring while cleaning or styling their hair. If the sharp edges of a normal diamond hit on some surface, there is a high chance for the prong to loosen and the diamond to fall out. There is no scope for such worries if you are using a cushion cut diamond.

Light Dispersion:  Cushion cut diamonds have large facets, which remarkably disperse the light thereby creating a rainbow of colors. It is true that cushion cuts do not exhibit high brilliance and fire. Nevertheless, the subtle effect diamond is the highlight and it is ideal for anyone who does not like a big diamond ring with a huge flashing effect. This can also give a unique appearance to the person wearing the ring.

Ideal For Colored Diamonds: Cushion cut is the most ideal diamond cut for the colored diamonds. The cut exhibits the color of the diamonds in an excellent manner than all the other diamond cuts. If you want to buy a colored diamond, it will be your best decision to choose the cushion cut colored diamonds.

Resurfacing Of Vintage: As in the fashion world, many people are imitating celebrities wearing diamond rings. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Anne Hathway, and Jennifer Aniston has appeared in some events wearing the cushion cut rings and this has increased the demand for this diamond cut.

Cons Of Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Large Facets: The large facets of the cushion cut diamond engagement rings are indeed an advantage in dispersing the light remarkably. On the other hand, the large facets of the diamond can be a disadvantage in that it exhibits the inclusions and blemishes in the diamond, which will not be normally visible in other diamond cuts.

Need Of Color And Clarity Threshold: It is mandatory for the diamond to be above a certain clarity and color threshold to have a cushion cut diamond without inclusions or blemishes. To have an ideal cushion cut diamond, the diamond must have a GIA clarity above VS2 or AGS clarity greater than 6. Similarly, there should be a color grading of above G for GIA diamond and of 0.5 or above for AGS graded diamonds.

Mounted Diamonds: When buying diamonds that are already mounted on a ring, you must ensure that the diamond comes with a valid certificate. This should be done more specifically while buying the cushion cut diamond engagement ring. Otherwise, there is a chance that you get a diamond ring, which has so much of inclusions, or blemishes, which may not be visible easily.

Setting Problem: Another significant disadvantage of the cushion cut diamond engagement ring is that only a very few settings will suit the diamond cut perfectly. The three settings, which work well with the cushion cut, are 4 prong, 6 prong, and double claw prong settings. The bezel setting is not ideal because it reduces the amount of light that enters the stone because of the metal that wraps around the stone.

The cushion cut is not only used for the diamonds but also other gemstones like rubies, citrines, and aquamarines. The large facets of the cushion cut will emphasize the color of the gemstones greatly making them more appealing.

It is good that you have a proper understanding of the cushion cut diamonds before you proceed to buy it.