Emerald Cut Engagement
Emerald Cut Engagement
Emerald Cut Engagement

The emerald-cut diamond is probably one of the most expensive diamond shapes. This particular diamond has rectangular facets and well-refined straight sides, and its rectangular shape is extended and exquisite. This unique cut allows the diamond to glisten in the light in a subtle manner that conveys a lot of information. While this diamond cut has been around for generations, it became fashionable a century ago when the art deco movement that occurred in the 1920s drew everyone’s attention to its elegant, clean lines. It is now worn by a slew of celebs and desired by all.

An emerald diamond is one of a kind in many ways, one of which is how well it works in a variety of settings. Every personality and choice can be met with an emerald diamond ring setting. Here are a handful of the most stunning ring settings that would be perfect for an emerald-cut engagement ring.

Pave Setting

A pave diamond band is the way to go if you want a little more shine in your setting. This setting is still sophisticated and subtle, but it will capture more light and draw attention to your ring than a conventional metal band would. Instead of or in addition to a pave engagement ring, you can try a pave wedding band.

Solitaire Setting

A solitaire setting is a no-brainer if you are choosing a high-quality diamond, like any emerald-cut diamond. When set alone on a sturdy band, an emerald-cut diamond will attract attention. A solitaire setting is ideal for the truly modest bride who would rather invest in the center diamond than in a lavish setting. It also maintains the stone’s subtlety and refinement.

Three-Stone Setting

Setting the emerald cut diamond with stones on either side is another option to add just a touch of shine to your setting and make the emerald cut diamond stand out. Yes, when there are more diamonds, you have to spend more money, but instead of one large stone on each side, opt for a cluster of three little stones that make a triangle.

Halo Setting

If you want a luxurious look, a halo or double halo setting is the way to go. The setup, on the other hand, becomes more expensive as the number of halos increases. Emerald cut diamonds have fewer facets than cushion or round cut diamonds, which both contain star-shaped facets, but when surrounded by smaller diamonds, your emerald-cut center diamond will have all the sparkle and shine.