Radiant Cut

If you are trying to buy a diamond, you might have come across a confusion on which one to buy depending on the shape, size, color, etc. Design or cuts would one of the most confusing factors while choosing a diamond. Even though diamonds are available in a variety of cuts, some of them may not be distinguishable for normal people. Two of such confusing designs in diamonds are the radiant cuts and the rectangular cushion cuts. Even though these two will seem similar to an ordinary person, there are many distinguishable factors for these two. Some of such factors are as follows.


Radiant cuts come mostly in a square or rectangular shape and it seems like an emerald cut diamond with trimmed corners. Whereas, rectangular cushion cut diamonds do not have any trimmed corners, but a rounded corner and slightly rounded side lines which gives it a cushion like appearance. These diamonds also come in both rectangular and square shapes. Since the sides of the cushion cut diamonds are rounded, it will not create a rectangular but more of an oval shaped appearance to the viewers. 

Cuts and Facets

Both the cushion cut and radiant cut shows the brilliance of the maker as the cuts are the sole factor that gives these stones an elegant look. One of the main differences between these two is the number of varieties available. Cushion cuts are available in several designs while radiant cuts are only in a few designs. Cushion cuts also have bigger facets which make it a less brilliant design than radiant cut. But there are many variants of cushion cuts which exhibit an equal competition to radiant cut diamonds.

Sometimes the comparison between these two diamonds would be a hectic duty for ordinary people, since there are some variants of these cuts which will not show any huge difference between them. Comparison between these two stones can only be done purely based on the cuts since other factors that determine the quality of a diamond such as clarity and color does not determine the design of the stone. So, we can conclude that there are many major visible differences between the cushion cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds, but choosing the best among those two would not be easily possible, since there are many variants in both the cases which exhibit many similar characteristics.