Emerald Cut Diamond
Diamond Shopping Tips

The most important thing that you may consider while choosing a ring will be its center diamond. In fact, most consumers go for a stone that excels in its 4 C’s. When it comes to the cut of a diamond, there are around ten different options. If you are looking for an extremely brilliant diamond cut, options such as cushion cut, round brilliant cut, princess cut, etc., will be ideal. On the other hand, choices like an emerald cut diamond, baguette diamond, etc., will be perfect if you adore vintage designs or if you prefer to keep it low-key. You may also consider a modified baguette or emerald solitaire ring if you want the best of both the options.

The clarity of a diamond is determined on the basis of the inclusions in it. Note that it is better to choose a stone that is eye-clean rather than an extremely flawless one. As far as the carat weight of diamonds is concerned, it is totally up to the personal preference as well as the budget of the consumer. However, when it comes to the color of diamonds, there are many important factors to keep in mind.

Colored Diamonds

There are mainly two options when it comes to the color of diamonds: colorless (sometimes called white diamonds or transparent diamonds) and colored diamonds. If you are looking for the former option, you may choose something that is visually colorless and features good quality of light reflecting property. Yet when it comes to the latter, there are many interesting things, which you must know.

It is to be noted that only one out of every 10,000 diamonds will be a colored one. This rarity makes natural colored diamonds extremely expensive and unique. These visual appealing gemstones got their color as a result of the high pressure and temperature subjected to them during their formation process. Colored diamonds get various colors depending on the mineral deposits within their structure or as a result of the irradiation process. For instance, blue diamonds get their color from boron atoms, whereas the presence of nitrogen atoms within the diamond structure gives it a yellow color.

How to Shop for Colored Diamonds

  • When purchasing a colored diamond, make sure to choose a stone that offers the best color intensity. Note that diamonds will become rarer and valuable as it goes high on its color intensity scale. People who cannot afford such extremely deep colored natural diamonds often opt for a diamond with lighter color hue that is color enhanced. However, this will reduce the value of such diamonds.
  • The carat weight is another important factor that will affect the price of colored diamonds. The price of colored diamonds with bigger carat weights will be incredibly higher when compared to their colorless counterparts. This is because of the less availability of bigger colored diamonds. Usually, larger colored gems are discovered less frequently when compared to smaller diamonds.
  • Just like colorless diamonds, the cut is an important factor for colored diamonds as well. Here, the diamonds are cut in such a way to enhance their color intensity rather than its brilliance. One of the popular examples here is an emerald cut diamond that was actually discovered to enhance the green color of emerald gemstones. Furthermore, the clarity of colored diamonds does not matter much since the dark hue of such gemstones will hide its inclusions.
  • Choosing the shape of colored diamonds is also significant. Note that the shape of a diamond refers to its outline. You are more likely to find colored diamonds in non-traditional shapes because these shapes enhance their visual appeal and color. In addition, traditional shape like round will cause more rough diamond wastage during its cutting process. As a result of the rarity of colored diamonds, you cannot expect to find your desired colored stones in particular shapes as soon as you look for it as well.
  • You also need to choose a metal setting that complements the diamond color. For instance, yellow diamonds will look perfect in yellow gold, whereas, pink and blue diamonds will look supreme in rose gold. Platinum and white gold are ideal to set any colored diamond with vivid shade since the light color tone of these metals will highlight your colored stones to the fullest.

If you are buying a colored diamond as a future investment, pink diamonds will be perfect. It will be worth noting that pink diamonds of the vivid color category are one of the rarest and most valuable colored diamonds today. In fact, no pink diamond has seen a decline in its worth ever. In addition, pink diamonds also complement almost every finger type and complexion. So they are treasured by royal people as well.