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Radiant Cut Diamond
Radiant Cut Diamond

Both emerald cut and radiant cut diamonds have a lot of similarities. However, they also have certain differences that make them unique and distinct from each other. Both of these options are suitable for people who are looking for rectangular or square-shaped diamonds.

Some of the common features of emerald and radiant cut diamonds include their long rectangular shape and cut/beveled corners that can help to protect the stone from chipping. Also, these diamonds have parallel sides that enhance their elongated appearance. Even though both radiant and emerald cut diamonds have a lot of things in common, they also carry distinct characteristics that set them apart. Knowing them can be beneficial for you to choose the right option for you.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

One of the appealing features of an emerald cut diamond is that it has more surface area. Hence, it will appear bigger than other diamonds of the same carat size. So they can be a great option for people who are looking to have big diamonds at affordable rates.

Emerald cut stones belong to the step cut family which provides the subtler shine that these diamonds exhibit when compared to other diamond cuts.

One of the problems associated with emerald diamonds is that it shows imperfections more than other diamonds cuts. Therefore, it is important for you to get emerald cut diamonds with higher clarity grades to make your jewelry more appealing.

Additionally, the yellowish tints will be more visible in emerald cut diamonds in comparison with other diamond cuts. So you will have to choose a stone with a higher color grade for avoiding this imperfection.

As emerald diamonds are step-cut, their sparkle will be less when compared to brilliant-cut diamonds. They are more similar to mirrors than brilliant, sparkly diamonds.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

This is one of the newest cuts in the diamond industry. Radiant cut can be defined as a combination of the emerald cut and the round brilliant cut.

Even though some radiant cut diamonds can exhibit bow tie effects, the possibility for this phenomenon to occur is less in radiant diamonds when compared to oval and marquise diamonds.

The shape of radiant cut diamonds varies from a perfect square to more rectangular shapes. These diamonds also carry a good brilliance in comparison with emerald-cut diamonds.

Both radiant cut and emerald-cut diamonds have a lot of common features. But they have many other properties that make them unique. You have to consider the features of the stones listed above for determining which diamond cut can be suitable for you.