Cushion-Cut Diamonds
Gold And Rose Gold Rings
Gold Diamond Ring Tips

Rose gold has been one of the growing trends in the last few years, while yellow gold is also gaining traction. Platinum and white gold are also excellent white metals for supporting the natural flash of a diamond.

However, if you prefer colored precious metals, how would you choose a metal and a diamond that complements each other? Not all diamond shapes will look their best when they are set in yellow or rose gold.

The Best Diamond Shapes for Both Types of Gold

Radiant and cushion cut diamonds and fancy colored stones are best for pairing with a colored metal band. Radiant and cushion cuts have similar faceting patterns and shapes, and they reflect the color and light from yellow gold and rose gold in an attractive manner.

Certain fancy colored rocks pair well with a colored metal. It is best to choose a centerpiece diamond with hue contrasting with gold’s color. For instance, a yellow diamond in yellow gold combination is not the best pairing. Gold and the stone having similar yellow shades will compete for the spotlight. Alternatively, a green or blue diamond set in yellow gold will look stunning.

The coloring of rose gold is not just as intensive as that of yellow gold. Therefore, it is more easy to select a colored stone which suits this metal. Purple, blue, pink and green diamonds look stunning when set in rose gold engagement rings.

Diamonds with Step Cut

If you are planning to have a diamond set in colored gold, then you have to think about staying away from emerald cut and Asscher cut diamonds. These step cut stones draw the light and glisten from the “pavilion”. Due to their shape, the step cut stones are set closer to the precious metal in a jewelry piece. This way of setting results in these diamonds bouncing back more of the rosy and yellow tones in gold than other shapes would.

Settings Also Matter

As said above, a setting holding a step-cut diamond closer to gold can lead to diamond color concerns. Bezel and tension settings may result in diamond reflecting some of the precious metal’s color, hence changing the appearance of the diamond. Ensure that you have a good idea about how your piece will appear if you choose a setting positioning the gem close to its metal band.

Skin Sensitivity

Make sure that you do not have skin sensitivity before choosing to set the stone in a colored band. Platinum is a hypoallergenic white metal. Some need to avoid wearing colored metals, because if not, they are exposed to the possibility of an allergic reaction. So, verify that you are not allergic to the respective metal and rhodium before choosing yellow gold and rose gold rings.